Just days after celebrating her 16th birthday, Lila Moss-Hack, daughter of the singular supermodel Kate Moss and magazine editor Jefferson Hack, has made her first major move into her parent's industry by being named the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty. The announcement came via both the brand's Instagram and on Moss's own recently launched account @LilaMoss (and it appears the shortened name may be the one she's using professional going forward).

“Lila’s beauty, composure, patience and kindness made this project even more special than I could have imagined. With each look we photographed, she got into each character effortlessly and gracefully. Thank you, Lila, for being a part of this extremely special project and thank you, [Kate Moss] and [Jefferson Hack] for allowing us the privilege to work with your beautiful daughter," wrote Jacobs in a comment.

"It’s an honor to be the face of the new @marcbeauty campaign," wrote Moss in her own.

While the teen has previously experimented with modeling in a low-key way by being photographed for the British hair brand Braid Bar, this is her first foray into high fashion.

Kate Moss herself has a long history with Jacobs, dating back at least to 1992, when she walked the runway for the infamous grunge collection the designer helmed while he was still head designer at Perry Ellis. At the time she was just a teen. Moss was also a frequent face for Louis Vuitton when Jacobs was the French house's creative director from 1997 to 2014. So while Mom never had a Marc Jacobs Beauty campaign of her own, it's still a fitting first stepping-stone for daughter.

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Marc Jacobs also provided one of the first major campaigns for another daughter of a supermodel who is now taking the industry by storm. A shoot for the classic Marc Jacobs fragrance Daisy was Kaia Gerber's first campaign.

No word on how far the younger Moss wants to take her modeling career (she's more accustomed to sitting in the front row than walking down the runway), but, certainly, the fashion world is her oyster if she wants it. If not, she could always follow her father into the publishing side of the industry. She's clearly got the genes for both.

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