Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Is Coming to MTV

Welcome to Mykonos.

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Lindsay Lohan has officially “joined the MTV family.”

The actress is bringing her entrepreneurial spirit to television with a new unscripted reality series based on her Greek beach club and resort. From the first sneak peak Lohan teased on July 30 (which was filmed on location with a smartphone, as you can see in the reflection of Lohan’s sunglasses), it looks like “Pack your bags, MTV. We’re going to Mykonos,” could be the new “Get in, loser, we’re going shopping.”

In May, the Mean Girls star kicked off the summer by tacking on a brand-new Mykonos beach resort called Lohan Beach House to her growing list of international Lohan-branded nightclubs and restaurants. The burgeoning entrepreneur announced a few weeks ago that she would be turning her foray into business and hotel management into reality television gold, and it looks like MTV has officially taken the bait to produce the series.

As of now, the reality series will be titled Lohan Beach Club, despite the fact that the resort’s official name is “Lohan Beach House.” An official statement from MTV, per the Hollywood Reporter, describes the plot of the series as one in which “Lohan’s team must prove their expertise, ambition, and charm” despite “the temptations the Mykonos nightlife scene has to offer.” It was also reported via Us Weekly that the show‘s theme song will be sung by Ali Lohan, Lindsay’s younger sister. Basically, Lohan Beach Club will be like Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules meets Living Lohan, the short-lived E! reality series that followed Ali Lohan as her momager, Dina Lohan, attempted to help her break into the business.

With Lohan Beach Club, her endorsement deal, planned beauty and clothing lines, and the recently premiered Sick Note (the British television series starring Lohan and fellow redheaded child star turned serious actor Rupert Grint), Lohan has quite a bit on her plate, but a few questions about the reality series remain unanswered. Will we get to see the whole Lohan family on vacation in Greece à la Living Lohan? Will there be a Tiffany Trump cameo? Only time will tell, but, hopefully, this makes up for the fact that fans were robbed of a Lindsay Lohan episode of MTV Cribs.

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