Madonna turned 61 on Friday, as did, apparently, her newfound alter ego, Madame X, who was everywhere over the course of her birthday weekend. "This is the beginning of three marvelous nights of celebration, and it all starts with donuts," she announced in a video that she Instagrammed from backstage of her tour rehearsals on Friday, gesturing at a spread of desserts that spelled the name of her new moniker. "Dig in, motherfuckers."

It should come as no surprise that from there, Madonna only ramped things up; after all, she celebrated her 60th with a "nomadic" birthday bash in Marrakech, and her 59th the year prior with a party in Puglia, Italy where guests included everyone from Riccardo Tisci to a horse. And while moving this year's festivities to plain ole New York City might sound like a downgrade in comparison, well, Madonna had her reasons: The bar where she chose to continue the festivities on Friday night also happened to be namedβ€”you guessed itβ€”Madame X.

"Madame X is a birthday girl," Madonna captioned one of many, many Instagrams she posted over the weekend, including a video of herself giving herself a toast with a glass of rosΓ© champagne. Madame X, she continued in another post, is also a "four-star general"β€”hence the Prada military jacket she wore throughout the weekend, also emblazoned with her newfound moniker.

As usual, Madonna's kids tagged along to Friday's partyβ€”never mind that it was well past most of their bedtimes. Her elusive 22-year-old daughter, Lourdes Leon, gamely posed for photos, while her two 13-year-old siblings, who naturally seemed to have no issue making it past the bouncer, at one point serenaded her with a rendition of Elton John's "Your Song" on the piano. And while her two six-year-olds appear to have stayed home, they did at one point assemble for a family photo in which everyone wore Versace.

Madonna and her children celebrating her 61st birthday wearing Versace.

Courtesy of @madonna

Lourdes Leon celebrating Madonna’s 61st birthday at Madame X in New York City, August 2019.

Courtesy of @nicolas_huchard

As for who else was in attendance, the bulk of her crew at Friday's rehearsals tagged along, tooβ€”though only after changing into their Madame X best. Some were even brave enough to copy Madonna's new signature accessory: an eyepatch.

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From there, the group recharged with a trip to the Hamptons, where they were joined by the artist JR. Of course, that wasn't the end of the festivities; Madonna then shared one last Instagram to prove she was still partying late into Sunday night.

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