Among all the devastating celebrity breakups of 2016, it was perhaps Mariah Carey’s split from billionaire fiancé James Packer that stung the most. The pop star’s yacht-deck selfies were tiny points of light in an otherwise doomed year, one that’s been followed by the cursèd years of 2017 and 2018, and her antics were a masterclass in how to be the ultimate summer diva.

Of course, just because she’s no longer engaged to Packer doesn’t mean Carey isn’t still flexing the hardest on Instagram; she was doing that long before he came about and will continue long after he’s left the picture. Mariah Carey is an independent woman: She just sold the massive engagement ring Packer gave her, worth a reported $10 million.

This, recall, is the same ring that, earlier this year, Packer had requested be returned to him—even after they had determined, in a settlement, that she would hold onto the 35-carat diamond. On Sunday, Page Six reported Carey had a business manager sell the ring—with a confidentiality agreement—to a Los Angeles–based jeweler for $2.1 million. An anonymous source also contested its previous $10 million valuation: “She owns multiple homes, her entire catalog of music, and she’s had numerous successful tours and residencies,” that source added, dismissing the idea that she sold it out of necessity.

Carey had frequently worn the ring when out and about with her next boyfriend, dancer Bryan Tanaka, from whom she split in 2017. “Mariah has been very vocal recently about her choice to move forward in her life surrounded by positivity,” Carey’s publicist told Page Six. “That requires leaving emotional and material baggage behind, including an old engagement ring from an ex-boyfriend.” Plus, there might be no better power move than winning custody of a fancy jewel when you split from a boyfriend, only to go on to sell it.

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