Practically ever since her career began, Mariah Carey’s name has been synonymous with the word “diva”—something the singer’s been on something of a mission to halt as of late. And so far, she’s delivered—at least by Carey’s standards; though this year has already seen her steal Meryl Streep’s seat at the Oscars, proclaim that she doesn’t “give a damn” about the Grammys, and sell her engagement ring from her ex James Packer, she’s definitely nowhere near her infamous “I don’t know her” days.

Despite her efforts to step aside, though, that title can’t seem to escape the family name. It’s now simply been passed onto a different Carey: her seven-year-old son Moroccan Scott Carey, who’s now on his third month in a row of making headlines. The latest came this week, when he and his twin sister Monroe joined Carey onstage on Thursday night, when she made her debut comeback performance in Las Vegas on Thursday night, kicking off her new residency, The Butterfly Returns.

Apparently, all that attention on Carey—and his sister, whom she was singing their favorite song to—was too much for Moroccan to handle. So, while Carey performed “Always Be My Baby,” singing in the direction of Monroe, Moroccan stole the spotlight in one of the most effective ways possible: by doing what a child—not to mention anyone who wants to avoid asphyxiation—is never supposed to do and putting a plastic bag over his head, as can be seen here.

Sure, he may not have been aware of the dangers of his move, which Carey apparently addressed by “quickly turn[ing] back to her son to whip the bag off him and continued her performance.” But given what we know about him so far, it definitely seems fair to assume that he was acting like a normal child, and seeking to keep the attention on himself.

Being Carey’s child, though, has of course meant that he’s been able to take that to new heights. In June, for example, Carey told Jimmy Kimmel that Moroccan was a “technological genius”—a claim she evidenced by adding that “he ordered a dog the other day.” Apparently, instead of begging his parents for what was on his wish list, he’d cut out the middleman and taken things—more specifically his iPad—into his own hands.

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In the past, that’s meant spending nearly $5,000 on Amazon, though as his father Nick Cannon found out when he got a phone call informing him that his “dog [was] ready,” prompting him to reply that he “didn’t order a damn dog,” Moroccan, who was then just six, had quite impressively managed to figure out how to order live animals online, too. The dog has since been “canceled”; as Carey took care to point out to Kimmel, as if assuring him that she was treating her children right, the twins in fact already have dogs. If he’s ordering things he already has, then, it seems that Moroccan’s diva residency has only just begun.


Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, and Moroccan Scott Cannon at the 31st Annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, March 2018.

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