It’s Taurus season! And the new moon in Taurus on May 4 will stir up a lot of energy pushing you to go after things that have been on the back burner. This is a good time to be direct and decisive with your intentions, as you'll find in your May horoscope. The full moon in Scorpio lands on May 18, and that will be another opportunity to move forward by letting things go, this time in your romantic life (whatever that means for you). Action is the overall vibe this May. Absolutely keep looking forward.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,
The Astro Poets


May will feel very long and full of emotional drama from the people closest to you. It will require looking away from certain career ambitions and spending more time attending to your personal life. You’ll also find yourself thinking a lot about the kind of love life you want, and if perhaps it's better to take a risk than keep doing the same thing. The summer ahead will be full of wild trips and unexpected connections. Don’t despair about the difficulty of spring. Mostly, all the elements are making themselves known and sorting themselves out. So be patient with yourself. Toward the middle of the month you will hear from an ex and wonder what to make of it. It’s entirely up to you.


You’ve had a lot on your plate for a very long time now. Your days are scheduled to the max, and there's plenty more work for you to do during your free time. You thrive on the thrill that comes with putting a lot of effort into your work life, but it's begun to take its toll. What you especially long for is true romance, with candles, low lights, and all of that fanfare. Perhaps a romantic person is part of your life now and you want to make them an even bigger part. More likely, though, you're feeling nostalgic for someone you used to know and will be longing to make them a part of your present life. It's a good idea to think carefully about why you are thinking of them. Is your everyday so taxing that you fantasize about an ideal past (that actually wasn't so ideal)? Or is it really about them? The events of this month will help you figure these things out.


You've been bothered or feeling stuck with your career life in various ways. These feelings may not have been obvious to others, but this month, they'll surface. Remember that both your coworkers and your friends see you as a great generator of ideas and energy. Geminis are intuitive and risk-taking. This works to your advantage even when you go down the wrong path, which does happen. You might be especially hard on yourself this month, but keep fueling your intellectual engine. Make time for a book you want to read for pleasure. Sign up for a class to pursue something you've always wanted to do. Don't let yourself be defined only by what people need from you. Like Whitman said, you "contain multitudes."


You are set on a goal and doing everything in your power to achieve it. This may mean some hard work, but it likely also means a little magic, too. You're good at manipulating behind the scenes, and this task that you're set on will take more manipulation than even you had bargained for. This month, you'll see some progress towards this goal, which will give you heart to keep going. You'll also feel like having more adventures, but maybe instead of planning a trip, dive deep into books. These imaginative adventures will set the stage for new creative leaps in the months to come and thus are worthy endeavors. As for love, just keep doing what you're doing there, too. There will be big payoffs soon.


Leo, you've exhibited great patience over the last months, from love to your career. May will reward you greatly on both fronts and you'll feel a jolt in your step, especially with summer just around the corner. Summer is truly your season; surprisingly it's when you speed up, rather than slow down. Take a long afternoon this month to write down all the big things you still want (in red ink). Fold that list nine times (toward you) and keep it on you as you run about. It’s not that you need to be reminded of your ambitions but more about allowing them to arrive, and not getting in their way. A friend unsure of their artistic pursuits will look to you this month and you’ll find yourself reassuring them in exactly the way you want to be reassured. Remember that. Remember that you’re also talking to yourself.


Some quasi-bad news towards the end of last month has left you a bit uneasy and weary. This month it really is time to move on from all these concerns, in whatever ways this means. Perhaps you do need to get away, by yourself, to a place that makes you feel most happy and productive. You should use the time away to think through your goals for the future, particularly the long-term future. It’s time for you to realize just how special you are and how you deserve everything good that is coming to you. Whoever makes you feel that way is the person to keep close. This may mean making some new friends, if necessary. In terms of work, keep at your long-term projects. There is a bright future in store for you, as long as you stay on the path that makes you feel most whole.


Many of your understated and romantic sensibilities have preoccupied you lately. Though you’ll never admit it, there is a quiet optimism brewing somewhere inside you. It will continue to grow and also fuel your work life, and the ideas you put forth there. May is a month of real self-awareness for you. It will appear as if not much is "happening," but you’ve actually been recalibrating your friendships all through winter and early spring. Teaching people how to treat you by what you’re willing and not willing to accept. You’re in a bright field under a bright sky, Libra. Continue to be intentional and resolute.


You are thriving in terms of your career and love life. People around you may remark just how far you've come from even just a year ago. You, too, will be noticing the vast amount of progress you've made since you last took stock of where you were. Career-wise, there will be some new advancements in store soon, so it's important just to stick around and keep at it. As for your love life, levels of commitment will continue to progress and that's a good thing. Still, there will be a nagging feeling that you are not feeling as happy in your love life as you could be. If you are in a committed relationship, you might need to exercise your right to do a little flirtation. If you aren’t, then you do have the right to be fabulous, so go shine and then shine some more!


This month you will want to say many things that will ruffle feathers, and particularly with the people around you. It wouldn’t be like you to hold your tongue, so don’t. Be forthright and honest—even if you risk offending people. You can often be accused of being blunt or rude, but this has less to do with you and more to do with others. Remember that you have always gone after what you want. Remember that you are the archer and there is a great emphasis on action, in all aspects of your life. Action is what drives you, intellectually and romantically, too. Don’t second guess yourself. You are ruled by Jupiter, the luckiest planet of them all.


You are feeling some push this month to use your powers of persuasion for good. This may mean using your ability to talk people into almost anything toward an important cause or goal. This is a great use of your skills, as it allows your intensity to be put into a purposeful place—and without a purpose, you can be known to obsess about unproductive things. This time will in fact be a time of great growth. In terms of love, there are definitely some things about your relationship that you've been feeling for a while, and feeling a need to express. Take the time to express them now—but this doesn’t have to mean that you should express them to your partner or love interest. Write a love letter to yourself and work out your thoughts in a truly safe space. This will help you sort out your feelings and also will lend some air into your relationships with others.


Everything in your life will feel very windy. May will be a difficult month in terms of clarity, so try not making any big decisions in terms of your career or love. The goal is to endure it and to give yourself enough support and space around you for the very real questions you have about the future. You're not someone who reaches out to friends easily, especially when it comes to your needs, but this month is a good time to see people a little bit more. Just being around them will help you. Toward the end of the month you will see an opening at work and propose a way of looking at a problem that only your exacting insight can suggest. Trust your instincts but keep your cards close to your chest in May.


At the beginning of the month, you'll feel as if you’re lacking a center. You have been coasting in a lot of areas of your life the past few months, and now your goals and plans for the future will start hitting you hard. If you aren’t with someone, your time of looking around may be (temporarily) over and you may start looking to form foundations with a new person soon. If you are in a relationship, you will start thinking two to three steps into the future and consider building a serious life with your partner. All of these feelings are good things. So although there will be some emotional chaos involved, it’s important to remember that something positive will come out of it.

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