As fun as it is to watch tennis legends compete at Wimbledon, it's just as exciting to see celebrities and royals watching the tennis tournament.

But apparently some spectators have gotten a little too excited. One fan in particular attempted to take an unauthorized selfie with Meghan Markle on Tuesday, and was quickly reprimanded by her security detail. Some members of the press chided the Duchess of Sussex for instituting a supposed photo ban and dubbed her "princess privacy," but based on the photos of the incident, Markle appeared to graciously and quietly sit back without causing a scene.

Many might be wondering why Markle was seated in a position where fans could approach and take photos without asking permission first. Well, according to reports from The Times, the Duchess was not seated with the rest of the royals because she was wearing denim. Unnamed sources from the All England Club, which is the venue where the Wimbledon Championships are held, reportedly told The Times, "She's not allowed to wear jeans" because that look interferes with the dress code of the Royal Box, which is the designated area for royals and royal adjacents. There was also mention of the Duchess making a faux pas because she watched two Americans (Serena Williams and Andy Murray) rather than staying for a British player when she is a member of the British royal family. However, the official spokespeople for the All England Club deny any rumblings that employees of the venue were upset with Markle, saying, “Any suggestion that the duchess’s visit was anything other than a privilege for the club is categorically not the view of the club, and she is always welcome to attend the championships."

Wimbledon 2019 - Day Four - The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

Previously unissued picture dated 4/7/2019 of a man believed to be a Royal bodyguard speaking to a spectator who had taken a selfie as the Duchess of Sussex watches the Serena Williams match on court one during day four of the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon. (Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images)

Mike Egerton – PA Images

Sure, Markle is known for "breaking traditions," but did she really break Wimbledon's dress code? Not quite: At the All England Club, Wimbledon spectators are not expected to adhere to a strict dress code, however attendees who are invited into the Royal Box are required to wear a dress or jacket and tie. For perspective, Markle attended Wimbledon last year and sat in the Royal Box while wearing a striped button-down shirt and cream-colored slacks. Not exactly a formal look, but it does fall under the All England's Club request for spectators to dress "smart casual."

Since Markle was wearing a white blazer and blue jeans this year, she was not permitted to enter the Royal Box, but it is possible that she had no intention of sitting in the Royal Box in the first place, especially when she showed up to support her friend Serena Williams. So she sat in a section where non-royals can watch the match with friends. Also, it's not out of the ordinary for royals to request no photographs from members of the public when attending either private or public events, and Markle is not the only royal to forgo a spot in the Royal Box during Wimbledon this year: Kate Middleton spent some time outside of her typical front row Royal Box spot when she arrived at Wimbledon last Tuesday. Can you blame them for wanting to spend a little bit of time acting normal?

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