Melania Trump Wore Tan Leather Pants That Matched Her Skin Tone a Little Too Well

They matched her skin tone a little too well.

President Trump Welcomes King Abdullah And Queen Rania Of Jordan To White House
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Another day, another Trump family fashion faux pas. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, as Donald and Melania Trump returned to the White House after their surprise three-hour visit to the Al Asad Airbase in Iraq, the First Lady sported an outfit that was at best confusing, and at worst completely shocking.

But let’s back up: To kick off the whirlwind trip, which came amid reports that Trump would be the first president not to visit the troops on Christmas since 2002, the POTUS and FLOTUS left Washington for the Al Asad Airbase, just west of Baghdad, on Christmas Day, and touched down on Wednesday. Melania wore a mustard yellow Victoria Beckham military-style jacket, black jeans, and tan Timberland boots. After a few hours in Iraq, the Trumps traveled to the Ramstein Air Base in Germany, where Melania sported a pair of hunter green trousers and a black bomber jacket.

The Trumps departed Germany on Wednesday evening and returned to D.C. early Thursday, at which time Melania’s style choices took a major turn. Though she kept with the earth-toned palette of her previous outfits, her third and final outfit was just slightly off: She wore a hip-length, forest green, belted wool coat, dark oversized sunglasses (despite it still being dark outside), tan heels, and, jarringly, a pair of leather pants in a shade of tan just a little too close to her skin tone for comfort.

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Almost immediately, Twitter was flooded with shocked reactions from people wondering why Melania had opted to go pants-free on such an occasion, or why she’d chosen to wear a miniskirt so short as to be invisible underneath her coat. For the record, the First Lady was indeed wearing pants—as you can see if you look for the hemline at her ankles or the pants’ wrinkles around her knees—albeit ones in a highly confusing color choice.

Melania’s perplexing pants are only the latest in a long string of style missteps from the Trump family. Most recently, at the beginning of December, her stepdaughter, Ivanka Trump, attended a gala in Argentina wearing a pantsuit by Gabriela Hearst, who has not only been extremely vocal in her criticism of the Trump administration, but also vowed never to lend any of her designs to Melania. Perhaps it’s time for the Trump family to look into hiring a full-time stylist—and not just Melania’s older sister.

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