Three days after she celebrated her two-year anniversary with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, Miranda Kerr dug even deeper into her past in an interview with New Beauty, all the way back to the first time she met her future husband, in 2014. From there, a slow but steady romance was born; the pair enjoyed several months' worth of phone calls before they began dating, and waited around three years to have sex before marrying in May of 2017. ("My partner is very traditional," Kerr told the Times following their engagement, in July 2016.)

Initially, though, there was something else that stood out to Kerr about Spiegel. Her first impression of Spiegel, whom she met at a dinner hosted by Louis Vuitton, was not what you might expect. "I thought, Oh, this guy is cute," Kerr told New Beauty. "But wow, his skin is flaky!"

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As for how the couple managed to overcome that hurdle? Luckily, Kerr has been running a skin care line, named KORA Organics, since 2009, meaning that even at that point she had five years' worth of experience in the realm of flakiness prevention. So, she simply benevolently shared her skin care tips. "I was like, 'Why don’t you try this,' and I gave him the Noni Glow Face Oil," Kerr said.

Clearly, it worked; by July 2016, Kerr had announced—in a true show of support for Spiegel, via Snapchat Bitmoji—that they were engaged. Indeed, they're still reaping the rewards today: "Ever since, he hasn’t stopped using it! He always says, 'Oh my God, Miranda, this is the only product that has helped my dry skin.' Now, he won’t go anywhere without it," Kerr, who's now pregnant with the couple's second child, continued. Sneaking in a bit of promotion, she added: "His skin, let me tell you, it is absolutely glowing and radiant now. It’s incredible to see the benefits firsthand, right in front of your eyes."

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