Naomi Campbell is Being Noncommittal About Dating Liam Payne in the Most Committed Way

It’s all in their Instagram comments.

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Victor Boyko

Last month, the inquisitive minds over at the Daily Mail took it upon themselves, almost single-handedly, to stoke a rumor that former One Direction singer Liam Payne and supermodel Naomi Campbell, ages 25 and 48, respectively, had begun dating. The tabloid stockpiled evidence going back to the beginning of the year: thirsty Instagram comments (Payne’s forte, but Campbell has proved her mettle here too); a trip to Ghana, where they engaged in such activities as eating dinner and celebrating the new year; and a brigade of anonymous sources alleging that the pair are fully infatuated.

But for all that they have traded Instagram comments back and forth in front of the hungry gaze of millions, they’ve declined to either confirm or deny their relationship on the record, leaving the rest of us—the Daily Mail most of all—to simply speculate.

Campbell is in no hurry to make things any clearer, it seems. In a new interview, Jonathan Ross Show host Jonathan Ross says, “There’s been a lot of headlines recently, Naomi, connecting you to Mr. Liam Payne.” “Mm-hmm,” Campbell hums noncommittally. “Formerly of One Direction,” Ross goes on. Campbell cocks an eyebrow. “And?” she says. “Any truth to these rumors?” Ross asks bluntly. “I never discuss my personal life,” she says, looking down. (Whether her coy smile means, well, yeah, duh, we’re dating, or it means, well, yeah, duh, I’m going to let you think we’re dating remains to be seen.)

“The one day it’s one person; the next day, it’s another,” Campbell says of the rumors attaching her to Payne or, previously, Drake. “It’s like, who’s tomorrow?” Whoever she’s trading flirtatious Instagram comments with tomorrow, we suppose?

Anyways, if this keeps up, it’s only a matter of time before noted Instagram mom Gwyneth Paltrow tells the two to cool it. And then, it’s only a matter of time before they get married, because reality doesn’t matter anymore.