For most, New Year's Eve is a day of relaxation. With the exception of Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey and whoever is in charge of dropping the ball in Times Square, everyone will be in off duty mode today, celebrating with friends and anticipating the coming year. But one group of night dwellers who'll be working late into the evening, way past midnight, will be DJs. They'll be in charge of spinning the soundtracks to some of the best parties around the world and kicking off the new year with a bang. Here, six of them, from Brooklyn to Berlin, share their plans.

Jan Blomqvist, Berlin

Jan Blomqvist performing his live act

"This year I am going to play at a club in Zürich in the early morning, but at midnight I will be sleeping in my hotel room. That's how it’s been for the last ten years. I’ve always been either alone in my hotel room preparing for the live gig, or backstage talking to my band members or managers. I really appreciate that my job forces me to celebrate New Years alone. It is always easier and it feels honest. I also don't like to party at midnight; it is way too early for me, and it stresses me out. Berlin parties don’t even start until we are already hours into January 1st. After my gig ends in Zürich at 4 a.m., I’ll fly straight to Berlin for the parties.

Sita Abellan, Milan

Sita Abellan

"I don't have plans for New Year's Eve yet, so I'm very intrigued how 'my plan' is going to turn out—maybe looking at the stars or maybe in a club? I prefer to not plan anything. The best plans are the ones that aren’t planned. As soon as the new year begins, I will head to Colombia, where I will perform with the Martinez Brothers in Cartagena!

Mia Moretti, New York City

Mia Moretti

"My band, the Dolls, has a gig in Jamaica at the Goldeneye Hotel, so I’ll be ringing in 2018 from the middle of the Caribbean with good people, good music, and good vibes only."

DJ Agoria, Paris

Sebastian Devaud, aka DJ Agoria

"For a DJ, New Year's Eve is most of the time both a challenging schedule boosting your serotonin and a cash machine. You want to play three or four gigs in 24 hours to make yourself as visible as possible before your January detox. For the first time in years, I dodn't feel the need to overplay, so I've chosen not to play at all, and rather just to be visible for my love and closest friends in Paris, honoring the invitation of a very close cinema producer."

Martinez Brothers, New York

Chris and Stevie Martinez, aka The Martinez Brothers

© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (

"We are ringing in the New Year with our good friend DJ Jamie Jones at Space Club in Miami, and then coming back to New York City to play the Cityfox rave in Brooklyn on January 1. We haven’t spent New Year's Eve in New York, which is our hometown, in we can’t even remember how long. We are always away DJ'ing somewhere, so we’re just really looking forward to being in the city and seeing where the night takes us."

La Fleur, Berlin

La Fleur

"This New Years Eve I'm playing in my living room aka Watergate club in Berlin. I am a resident there so I have about one gig a month at the club. Usually I spend New Year's Eve wherever my gig is that night, and often I've been by myself (unless it's in an exotic place and friends want to tag along!) So therefore I am extra excited to spend New Year's Eve on home turf this year, and I’ll have a nice dinner with friends before my gig. I'm playing 4 -7 a.m. on the main floor in the club so I hope my friends will stay awake that long and join me into the night!"

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