North West Directs Her First Fan Music Video, for Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”

Watch for the choreography, stay for her scolding her mom.


North West might very well be an aesthetic prodigy. At five years old she has seemingly mastered the construction of outfits, the fashion design process, creative directing, and an artful use of makeup. Now, she has developed an entirely new skill as her mom Kim Kardashian recently showed when she shared North West’s first time directing a music video.

Impressively, she chose a song of the moment: Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road, which is currently sitting at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the sixth week in a row and set a new record in weekly streaming after the remix with Billy Ray Cyrus dropped. For her debut music video, North leaned into the Yeehaw Agenda, going with a Western theme.

North not only directed but choreographed it, as her mom wrote in the caption after “What we do on maternity leave….,” referencing the arrival of her and Kanye West’s fourth child, a baby boy. She also styled it, accessorizing her mom with a red cowboy hat and a tiny guitar. Meanwhile, North West wore cow print — another trend she’s on top of — pants with the same hat, a cowboy shirt and a tank top she customized with graphics that included the name of the song. Outside of the tank she created, the outfit appears to be a savvily repurposed Toy Story costume.

While her mom might not like dancing very much, as anyone who’s watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians knows, North seems to be a natural. She’s got moves. Somehow, she managed to pay equal attention to the cinematography, which really shows an advanced use of filters she presumably gleaned from all of her experience on her mom’s Snapchat and Instagram.

The greatest part, though, might be at the beginning when Kardashian walks out to the camera pretending to play the guitar before North lovingly yells at her. Watch for the fun choreography, stay for her scolding her mom, “That is not how you do it!” Hey, she knows what she wants.

Given all of the music video opportunities in her dad’s future, it might not be long until North West is directing a cast bigger than just her mom.

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