Kendall Jenner Wore the Same Prada Top as…North West?

They wore a very similar look just a few days apart.

Kendall Jenner and North West
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Here’s a question we didn’t anticipate asking: Who wore it better, Kendall Jenner or North West? But it’s a question we find ourselves asking after the supermodel and her niece were photographed in extremely similar Prada tops just a few days apart over the past week.

This is the first look. Last week, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s eldest daughter wore a peach-colored, feather-fringed, silk-chiffon sleeveless top by Prada to her dad’s Sunday Service performance, where she proceeded to dance with abandon while the choir swayed behind her. She paired the top with denim cutoffs and iridescent Doc Martens boots, her hair half pulled into a petite knot on top of her head.

And here is the second look. Over the weekend, Kendall Jenner wore what appeared to be the same top, albeit pulled up into a crop top, paired with dark jeans, tiny sunglasses, and sneakers; in a photo of the look, she posed astride a pink fixed-gear bike. So the question remains: Who wore it better? And was it really, as has been suggested, the same top?

It wouldn’t be the first time North has taken part in some wardrobe sharing. In addition to fairly frequent appearances in miniature versions of looks favored by her mom, like that silver sequined Vetements dress, she’s also raided her mom’s closet, making a beeline for a Prada It shoe also worn by—you guessed it—Kendall Jenner.

The Kardashians generally share items from their various closets, though not so often intergenerationally. Kendall wore Kourtney’s bikini; Kourtney borrowed Kendall’s Jean Paul Gaultier Venus de Milo top; Kylie lets Kendall borrow “whatever she wants”; Kendall does not return the favor. Kendall also recently referred to her niece as a “legend in the making,” so it makes sense that she would borrow style cues, if not actual pieces, from North.

As for the Prada top: The piece, which retails for a cool $720 on Net-a-Porter, is sold out. Our condolences.