Street Style - Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018: Day 3

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – AUGUST 10: Pernille Teisbaek wearing dress outside Ganni on August 10, 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Christian Vierig

“When it comes to my outfits, I’m not particularly colorful or crazy, so for me, jewelry is something that creates a personal touch,” explained Pernille Teisbaek, Copenhagen’s hottest stylist, between sips of white wine at Apollo Bar, the capital’s newest watering hole. “When you have a piece that stands out, it helps create a look,” she continued. “At the moment, I’m almost more excited about Danish jewelry than I am about the clothing.” According to Teisbaek, this is due in part to the number of new jewelry brands popping up, and how, for the first time, Scandinavian people are embracing jewelry for its minimalism, which is key tenant of Northern aesthetic. “I used to wear more personal things, like a wedding ring or something given to me by my fiancé, but now I’ll wear jewelry as statement pieces.” With all the new brands cropping up on the scene, Teisbaek has singled out her three favorites, exclusively for W. “What I love about these designers is that they’re very identifiable. There’s no doubt that Sophie Bille Brahe made this, or Griegst made that. They all meet in this amazing mix,” In honor of the end of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Teisback breaks it down.


Pernille’s favorite gold ring from Griegst

“Greigst made my wedding band—the ring is called ‘Cosmos,’ which is two units intertwined. It’s a husband and wife duo, Arje and Irene. I love the more organic shapes, and casual nature. It’s not as polished as you would see with a brand like Tiffany’s; it’s more low key, even though it’s also very heavy. I love jewelry I can wear every day and not take off. I need jewelry that isn’t too refined, and blends in with having a baby boy, carrying bags to stylists—all these practical things I have to deal with every day. I also love creating contrasts between pieces, wearing something small and dainty in between chunkier ones to make it slightly more playful. My husband’s wedding band is also from Griegst, but Irene, the wife of the couple, made it. And Arje, the husband, made mine. I really love that idea."

Orit Elhanati

Pernille’s wedding ring from Orit Elhanati

I did a jewelry collaboration with Orit a year ago, which is still out now, called Afin Atelier. It’s not seen many places, which for me is also quite special. She’s a huge talent, and very organic in her shapes. Her jewelry is constantly evolving and developing itself, and she has a great eye for different shapes, such as waves and curves, and she draws heavily from the underworld. Our Afin Atelier collaboration was also inspired by the underworld, we did many iterations of gold sea shells. We want to continue to develop it, I just haven’t had that much time since I’ve been moving houses and pregnant! But she’s such a talent, and I believe she will be the new thing, and a designer I’ll see many places – she’s already sold at Matches, and Browns in London.

Sophie Bille Brahe

Earrings from Sophie Bille Brahe

Sophie’s dainty style is already so copied everywhere! She uses tons of pearls and she’s very refined in her work. She has so much humor in her way of making pieces and doing things. She makes these beautiful gold and silver small animals, and has this charm that is shaped as Africa, which I wear around my neck. She’s constantly developing herself, doing these small dainty pieces, or big diamond earrings. Sometimes she does pieces that are almost vulgar, and not very Danish which I think are great, but she balances it with this great Scandinavian touch that is very refined. There is really something for everyone. You can buy a simple necklace, but also something that is Russian in style – she’s pretty cool, pretty divine.

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