2017 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 05: Pom Klementieff attends the 2017 CFDA Fashion Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom on June 5, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Presley Ann

It's safe to say that most actresses look different in person than their on-screen persona, but it's particularly true in the case of Pom Klementieff. If you are one of the many, many people who has seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, than you are used to seeing the French actress with antennas, extremely dilated pupils, and space-age appropriate ensembles. In real life, the 31 year-old is decidedly less alien. While her character, Mantis, was all about the uniform look (in this case, green leather and elbow-length gloves), in real life, Klementieff has become something of a fashion darling, thanks in large part to her willingness to try something new with each red carpet. Tonight, Klementieff cemented her style star status by attending the CFDA Awards on the arm of nominee Joseph Altuzarra. Here, the actress talks about her first CFDAs, her style icons, and breaks down exactly what is so enamoring about French style.

How are you feeling going into your first CFDA Awards with Joseph Altuzarra?

I'm excited! I was very happy when he invited me. I met him yesterday at the fitting, and he was very nice and just as fun as I had been told. And we spoke French! He makes such beautiful suits. I love his work.

Break down your look for the big event.

It's a suit with a blazer and pants in black velvet. The blazer is embroidered in gold, and you can see several bouquets of flowers on it. It's beautiful. And there are two satin bows in front to close the blazer. My stylist added Louboutin pumps, a Roger Vivier clutch, and some Irene Neuwirth kind of baroque style earrings. I always feel the best in a blazer and pants.

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2017 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 05: Pom Klementieff attends the 2017 CFDA Fashion Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom on June 5, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Dimitrios Kambouris

What is your earliest fashion memory?

I remember the first time I tried on a couture dress. I was working on a movie, and I tried so some dresses at Azzaro when Vanessa Seward was still the designer there. The dresses were too classy and couture for the character I had to play, but they were so soft and sexy in a very chic way. I loved trying them on, and Vanessa had been so sweet. And then I left the fitting and hopped on my Vespa and went back to my normal life.

Who do you think has the ultimate style, and why?

I love Tilda Swinton. She always looks so special and chic. She has an aura around her it's like she's magical. I feel like a potato next to her! And of course my stylist, Petra Flannery. She has such incredible taste.

Who are your favorite designers at the moment, and why?

I've been wearing Giambattista Valli to events and premieres a few times, and I really love it. His couture creations are so dreamy. Karl Lagerfeld always creates timeless silhouettes. The Chanel Ground Control show was so much fun. I've always been impressed by how he's been able to reinvent the brand and himself.Alessandro Michele creations at Gucci are a lot of fun. I mean... You can't wear Gucci present collections and take yourself too seriously...Then Nicolas Ghesquière at Louis Vuitton is just so powerful. I love all the belted blazers from the last show. And Tom Ford. Incredible sleek elegance. I haven't worn Tom Ford yet, by the way. This is going straight to my fashion to-do list.

What was your last fashion purchase?

An Eres bathing suit because I'm going to the Bahamas soon.Their suits are just chic and really good quality. And it is my first time going to the Bahamas! I'm pretty excited.

What is the best piece of style advice you’ve ever received?

I was raised by my aunt and she was always about simplicity and not showing off. She always told me being stylish and classy comes from inside. It's an attitude. It's not about a brand you're wearing. I'm a little more fashion, of course, but in general I don't like big logos; I like when it's more subtle.

What is the biggest misconception about “French girl style”?

Everything you hear is true. No, but seriously, I don't know what that means. I guess you're talking about the fantasy of the Parisian girl...

What actually defines French style?

What can I say? Let's try...Less is more; No need to show your female attributes. Style is more important; not too much make up; not too much hair; style, intelligence, and a sense of humor are what make you interesting and sexy. It's not just about an outfit. It's about the attitude, a certain irony. A wink. A unique perfume. Being natural, even if I don't really like that word because it means all and nothing.

What is your daily uniform?

Comfortable shoes, Acne jeans a leather jacket or a blazer with rolled up sleeves, and an Acne or Rag & Bone t-shirt or Vanessa Seward blouse.

Where are your favorite stores to shop, and why?

I feel like I'm repeating myself, but I like to go to Rag & Bone and Acne stores. Also, I can go there with my boyfriend and watch him try on clothes and help him choose. It's like an inverted Pretty Woman situation. And in L.A. I love to shop sunglasses at Cutler and Gross.

What trend will you never wear?

Crocs! I hate Crocs! And the shoes and socks that wrap around each toe. Just thinking of it pisses me off.

What has been your favorite outfit to wear on the red carpet?

The Chanel dress I wore at the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. It was from the "Chanel Métiers d'Art" collection. The first Chanel show I actually attended!

What is your daily beauty routine?

I don't have a routine in anything, but when I feel the best is when I hydrate my skin and go fight train first thing in the morning! Beauty-wise at the moment, I dab some Le Lift Crème Yeux Chanel on my eyes. Then I put some Chanel Masque de Massage all over my face. My make up artist gave them to me. I also love really simple moisturizing products from La Roche-Posay. Then I'll put on some Clarins SPF 50 UV anti pollution. I use Oribe shampoo and Olaplex Number 3 for my hair. Aquaphor to moisturize the lips. And I always take my make up off before going to bed.

Do you have any pre-red carpet rituals?

I don't have rituals. I like to change it up depending on where I am and what mood I'm in! I like being silly with the hair and make-up artists I work with, and tell and listen to stories... And when I'm on the red carpet I think that I'm Ben Stiller in Zoolander. "Blue Steel!" It's all about having fun, isn't it?

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