Plans are coming together quickly for the upcoming May wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and it looks like the all-important role of Flower Girl has been filled. Ivy, the four-year-old daughter of Markle's best friend Jessica Mulroney (herself a kind of royalty, as the daughter of a former Canadian prime minister), will reportedly be tapped as a flower girl, alongside two-year-old Princess Charlotte (Prince George will be a pageboy, and this wedding is already the cutest thing I've ever seen).

The Daily Mail* reports that Markle is close to all of Mulroney's three children, and that Harry is bonding with them as well. "Harry's become close with their children Brian, John and Ivy. Ivy especially is a big fan. She, of course, has no idea that he's a prince though - he's just auntie Meghan's special friend Harry, who sometimes comes over with fun presents!," per a source. Mulroney has been instrumental in planning the upcoming nuptials, and is said to have flown to Kensington Palace to help with dress fittings and other preparations. She's also Markle's best friend and personal stylist, and one of the few people who knows which designer she's chosen for her wedding gown.

As for kids of their own, sources say Markle and Prince Harry definitely want them, but are not in any hurry. What with all the humanitarian, feminist and messy bun work to do in the world, they have plenty to keep them occupied for at least a few years.

With the addition of Ivy, this wedding will officially have Brits, Americans, and Canadians making their way down the aisle. Who needs the Olympics? The royal wedding is going to bring nations together in the name of adorableness. I mean, look at this kid! A natural leader!

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