It doesn't seem as if Prince Harry is emailing Meghan Markle gigabytes of pictures of tiny sunglasses, à la Kanye or Kim. Nor does it seem that he's locking himself away in a room, furiously sketching dress ideas for his new wife and then sewing secret messages into the lining like Daniel Day-Lewis in Phantom Thread. But it appears that the most recently married royal has taken a particular interest in his wife's wardrobe, so much so that The Daily Mail is reporting that Harry has become her "secret stylist."

This does make some sense. Though it's usually the man whose style undergoes a change upon entering an adult relationship, Harry's style has remained pretty consistent since meeting Markle. While he's not exactly a hype beast, Prince Harry has always been one of the better dressed men amongst the British royals (not that there's that much competition). Markle's style, however, has undergone more of a dramatic shift befitting someone transitioning from cable legal drama to duchess. Her professional stylist/best friend Jessica Mulroney has reportedly helped, but the Mail insists Harry is lending his own helping hand and sitting in on her fittings.

"Meghan is always asking Harry’s opinion. She really wants his views," says their source.

"He gives his views on what he thinks looks best, rather than helping her follow royal protocol on hemlines or anything like that. The joke is that Harry is Meghan’s surprise stylist."

This tracks with previous reports we've heard about Harry taken an active role in ensuring that his wife adopts to her new life. Soon after their engagement, reports surfaced that it was Harry himself who was instructing her on the intricate code of behavior expected among his family. “He knows how daunting this will be for Meghan, and he’s keen for her to be relaxed in the company of senior royals,” one source told The New York Post at the time. “Harry will have made sure Meghan knew how to address the Queen and how to behave in her presence.” While Markle reportedly now undergoes six months of one-on-one training with one of the queen's own personal assistants, Harry still seems to be guiding her.

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Just this weekend, Markle made her debut alongside the rest of the royal family at Trooping the Colours, a British military ceremony that coincides with the formal observance of the Queen's birthday (the Queen's actual birthday was in April, but the family like to celebrate in the summer when there's better weather). Eagle-eyed viewers spotted Markle apparently asking the prince when it was the appropriate time to curtsey.

The British tabloid also adds that Markle will continue her newfound relationship with Stella McCartney, who designed her wedding reception dress, and already has a few more frocks in the works. Harry was apparently with Meghan during appointments with the designer.

It only makes sense that the best source of how to act like and dress like royalty would be an actual British royal, and aside from the fact that the young couple do just genuinely seem to love spending time together, where else would Markle go to for help? Duchess Kate literally just gave birth a few months back and has her hands full raising three young children. Was Markle supposed to ask Camilla Parker Bowles instead? You could do worse than the son of one of the most stylish royal women of all time.

Just as long as Harry doesn't start to email her folders full of images of dowdy black handbags with the message "These seem to be all the rage amongst my grandmumum right now," this is probably the best arrangement.

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