Do weddings magically heal old wounds or are the royals just putting on a show of politeness? Either way, it's nice to see old enemies at least looking like they get along during these difficult times. In the official portraits from Princess Eugenie's royal wedding, the bride's mother, Sarah Ferguson (AKA Fergie), stands directly next to Britain's Prince Philip, the bride's paternal grandfather both looking at ease, or at least, as at ease as you can in formalwear. Indeed, it's the first time the two have been pictured together in the last 26 years, so the fact they're positioned next to each other comes as even more of a surprise.

For the uninitiated (it hasn't been covered on The Crown yet, so we forgive you), Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson and Prince Andrew, Philip and Queen Elizabeth's second son, had a rocky divorce that included some rather embarrassing episodes, and Prince Philip has reportedly never forgiven her. Their "feud" is longstanding and, given how much time the Windsors have to spend together, a little difficult to navigate, logistically. Who gets invited to which wedding, for instance, is always a guessing game. For the full story, read our explainer on the relationship here.

One especially odd detail: Fergie and Andrew live together, and have been living together on and off for the better part of two decades. There's even some speculation that the 97-year-old's dislike of his former daughter-in-law is the only thing keeping the pair from remarrying (of course, as with all rumors that start in the British tabloids, take it was a grain of salt). So, does this new picture at a royal wedding suggest a future, well, royal wedding?

Simple as it may seem to snap a photograph of the bride's family members together, this is the first time Fergie and Philip have been photographed together in over a quarter century, at least publicly. And, according to Page Six, "Philip has refused to publicly acknowledge his estranged ex-daughter-in-law since 1992." The Queen, to her credit, has maintained a much more civil relationship with Ferguson, even inviting her to her vacation home Balmoral along with her daughters, just as long as Philip isn't there.

Per People, the photo was taken inside the White Drawing Room inside Windsor Castle, apparently the Camp David of the royals. Thanks guys, can you do the Koreas next?

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