Richard E. Grant Left in Tears After Barbra Streisand Responds to the Fan Letter He Wrote Her at Age 14

He wrote it at age 14, after seeing Funny Girl.

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Even stars get starstruck. In fact, they may be even more prone to freaking out about their heroes since they’re more likely than the rest of us to actually cross paths with the people they admire. Take, for example, the case of Richard E. Grant, who has decades of experience in Hollywood, dozens of film credits, and, as of last week, an Oscar nomination under his belt, and yet was still driven to tears this week upon receiving a tweet from his childhood hero, Barbra Streisand.

The emotional saga began on Monday, when Grant apparently found himself in the vicinity of Streisand’s Malibu estate and couldn’t resist taking a photo outside the gates, like the superfan he is. “Asked Security for permission & he replied ‘It’s a public road, but thanks for asking,'” Grant captioned the joyful selfie. In honor of the auspicious occasion, Grant also attached a copy of a letter he wrote to Streisand when he was 14 years old, nearly 50 years ago, assuring followers that his wife is “very understanding” of his continued admiration for the superstar.

“Since seeing Funny Girl we, my family that is, and I have been very big fans. I have followed your career avidly. We have all your records,” the teen Grant wrote. “I read in the paper that you were feeling very tired and pressurized by your fame and failed romance with Mr. Ryan O’Neal. I would like to offer you a two-week holiday, or longer, at our house, which is very beautiful with a pool and a magnificent view of the Ezulwini Valley,” Grant, who was born and raised in Swaziland, continued. “Here you can rest. No one will trouble you and I assure you you will not be mobbed.”

He ended the heartfelt letter with a postscript containing quotes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream that he hoped would “reassure” Streisand in her time of need.

Though Grant never did receive a “hasty reply” to the letter as he hoped, he did receive one in response to his tweet. Within a few hours, Streisand tweeted back, “Dear Richard What a wonderful letter you wrote me when u were 14 ! and look at u now! You’re terrific in your latest movie with Melissa congratulations and love Barbra.” After writing his thanks for his hero’s “generous reply”—and for “NOT calling Security to have me arrested!!”—Grant shared another photo of himself, this one showing him with tears in his eyes as a friend reads him Streisand’s tweet over the phone. “Am completely crinkle faced & overcome with emotion,” he wrote.

For your consideration, Academy: Have Streisand present Grant with the Oscar for his role in Can You Ever Forgive Me?, and watch a life-making bit of Hollywood magic happen on live TV.

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