Salma Hayek Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Letting Loose on Instagram

Please enjoy these 10 photos of her recent “surrender” to the ocean.

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Isabel Infantes/PA Images/Getty Images

There are still four months left in 2019, but Salma Hayek has already set herself apart as the most viable candidate for the best celebrity Instagram makeover of the year. Just a week into January, she posted a mesmerizing video of herself floating in the ocean, letting the waves wash over her, and, as she put it in the caption, “listening to the song of water.” Then, the next month, she posted a glorious photo of herself nuzzling a tiny owl. Since then, she’s also shared a fascinatingly poorly Photoshopped image of herself posing with Frida Kahlo, and changed her bio to this intriguing string of emojis: “?????????????‍♀️??????????????????????????❄️??????????????⚽️⚽️⚽️??‍♂️?✈️⛵️??????????❤️?⚜️????????????????⛲️???”

Depending on your taste in content, however, all that arguably pales in comparison to the bonafide bonanza of photos—the maximum you can fit into a gallery on Instagram, which is 10—that Hayek posted on Tuesday. “Sometimes you just need to surrender and let the waters move and embrace you,” she captioned the series.

And surrender Hayek does indeed. In case you didn’t make it all the way to slide 10, here’s the evidence:

Salma Hayek surrendering to the water’s “embrace.”

Courtesy of @salmahayek

While the bulk of the photos show off Hayek’s lavender one-piece, there’s also a Martha Stewart-style extreme closeup of the 52-year-old actress’s face. Behold:

Salma Hayek surrendering to the water’s “embrace.”

Courtesy of @salmahayek

Was Hayek’s departure from the usual format of her floating posts—a video—an artistic choice? Or is her partner, the billionaire François-Henri Pinault, simply not a very good Instagram husband? The world may never know. But why fret over such a conundrum? We suggest taking a page out of Hayek’s book, and surrendering to the sweet, sweet embrace of her most enigmatic content, starting with this perplexingly edited photo of herself and Pinault on the Met Gala red carpet.

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