It was during the Spring 2017 fashion weeks that model Samile Bermannelli first emerged onto the radar of designers like Alberta Ferretti, Valentino, Off-White, and Kenzo. But it wasn’t until she was confirmed for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai just last year—her first try, for a booking that often takes models seasons of training to secure—that she really had her breakout moment. She went on to walk November’s Victoria’s Secret show alongside the likes of seasoned vets like Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and fellow Brazilians Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, and Lais Ribeiro.

When I met the 18-year-old up-and-comer, it was a frosty March evening a few months after the Shanghai show. She had just wrapped a shoot for W’s spring astrology fashion story, in which she played the quintessential Gemini alongside Nigerian model (and fellow Victoria’s Secret rookie) Mayowa Nicholas. Cast as twins, the two women learned on set that afternoon that they actually shared a birthday—right down to their birth year. They also share another important characteristic: clear, glowing complexions, thanks to their thoughtful beauty routines. Even though Bermannelli has been living in New York for a year now, she still opts for Brazilian treatments and products wherever possible. And no matter what, you’ll never catch her without a face oil—here, she explains why it’s her miracle cure-all.


Your look in 3 words:
Colorful, maybe more soft, and comfortable.

Medicine cabinet snapshot:
Oh, face oils. I love face oils and cream for hair. I love to take care of my face and my hair—those are two important things for me.

Good skin starts with:
I think for me it’s like, always take it off, your makeup, before sleep, and always face oil.

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Makeup miracles:
I love clean makeup, so I just use my oil and a little bit of concealer and mascara and blush, and that’s it for me. My skin looks glowing when I use the oil. It just looks glowing and fresh.

Never leave the house without:
I have my oil. It’s like this, oil is everything for me. I always have my oils, my creams, because I can’t travel without my creams. I just use this one from Rituals, and they have everything, so I just take that with me.

A good hair day starts with:
I wash my hair every day, and I have to wash and brush it because it’s very difficult to keep the curls like this. When I sleep and wake up, my hair is not beautiful. Then, I put some oil, too. Coconut oil is the product that I use in my hair.

Best advice from a hair colorist:
I don’t like to put harsh things in my hair. I like brands from Brazil; they do good things for curly hair. I always go to Brazilian supermarkets in Astoria, and they have a lot of these products. I always bought this cream from Garnier, and it’s with avocado and coconut and all these kinds of oils from Brazil. It’s so amazing.

Nails must be:
I go to the manicurist every 15 days, and I always go to this Brazilian girl. She always cuts everything, like a Brazilian manicure, you know? I go to Maria Bonita—it’s a salon here in New York. They have a lot of Brazilians employed there.

Beauty from the inside:
I always eat eggs, because I’m trying to stop eating meat and chicken. I think it has a lot of bad things for our bodies. I love meat. In Brazil, we eat a lot of meat—we always do barbecue and these things. So I’m trying to eat fish, and sometimes chicken, but when I’m in New York I’m always eating eggs—omelettes and these kinds of things, salads with vegetables. I eat everything, like chocolate and everything, but when I’m here with my boyfriend, we are always eating like this.

Exercise obsession:
I like to just go to the gym and dance and run in the park, when it’s summer. I do everything—I love to dance hip-hop and the kind of dance you can dance together.

Drink of choice:
I stopped drinking Coke, and now I’m in love with pineapple juice and grapefruit juice, because I love these kind of fruits—like watermelons and grapefruit and pineapple, strawberries and blueberries. I love to do some sweet tea to drink in the morning with these fruits.

A woman should smell like:
Creed—it’s a brand from France.

Best advice from mom:
To take care of my face. She’s always taking care of her face and she always takes some cream. Every night before she goes to sleep, she always washes her face and puts her oils and everything on.

Definite doppelganger:
When I was young, people said that I looked like Angelina Jolie because my lips were a little bit big. But sometimes, people say I look like a Brazilian actress—she’s a black woman and she has curly hair. She’s so, so, so amazing, so they always say, “Oh, she looks like Taís [Araújo].”