How to Do Summer Like Twins Simi and Haze Khadra, Fashion’s Favorite It-Girl DJs

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid’s besties are releasing their EP this summer—but they’re still playing hard.


If you follow Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, or any of fashion’s other favorite It girls on Instagram, then chances are you’ve come across Simi and Haze Khadra, the striking identical twins instantly recognizable for their edgy wardrobes and blunt bobs, often highlighted with neon hues. But the 25-year-olds are much more than their famous friend group; they’re in-demand models, as well, currently serving as the face of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White eyewear campaign. And then there’s their DJ career, which sees them traveling everywhere from the South of France, to play some of the Cannes Film Festival’s biggest parties, to last week’s annual MoMA Party in the Garden, where the twins followed a live set by St. Vincent to DJ to a completely packed museum. Here, the duo talks about their upcoming music plans, summer fashion, and more.

How did you first get into DJing? Simi: We started out DJing at our friend’s parties for fun. People would always ask us why we don’t actually start doing it. Haze: We pushed the idea away for a while actually before we decided to just go with it when our friend asked us to DJ his party at Coachella. A few managers came up to us to talk about signing us. Simi: And we signed with one pretty much on the spot because we knew he managed some of our friends, so we’ve been with him ever since.

When did you first start working on original music? What’s the vibe behind it? Haze: I think we have been working on original music for about two years now. It’s been kind of low-key just trying to find our sound. Simi: We are pretty particular about what feels good to us and what is the most authentic to us. So it took a really long time to be comfortable with the sound we think represents us, our background, where we are from, and the message we are trying to deliver.

How do you balance music with your other projects? Simi: It comes pretty naturally to us. For as long as we can remember, we have juggled multiple things, whether it be fashion, music, school, art. Haze: We work better when we have more going on. Simi: Everything inspires everything, so for us working on multiple projects keeps the momentum going and keeps things interesting.

What makes for a good party playlist? Simi: I think for us it’s not even about the music you are playing but who you are playing for. Knowing how to read the room and understand what the crowd likes first is crucial. Also keep the flow moving. Haze: We definitely do a mix of everything.

What three songs are on your summer playlist? “Not In Love We’re Just High” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Djadja” by Aya Nakamura, and “Only Can Get Better” by Silk City.

What are your summer plans? Simi: We are going to Paris for Men’s Fashion Week. We have a DJ gig there and are going to support the homies, Virgil [Abloh] for the Louis Vuitton show and Matt Williams for Alyx. Haze: We are shooting something really exciting in London. And then I think we are going to try and plan a trip to Mykonos with our friends.

What are you most excited about for this summer? Haze: We are really excited to put together our music. Simi: We are planning to release an EP around end of August so that’s something we are excited to push this summer. There are a lot of new people involved, too, so being in the studio and working on our music is our priority right now.

What is your go-to summer outfit? Simi: Spaghetti straps!

How does you fashion sensibility change when you are performing versus your day-to-day? Simi: It doesn’t.

How do you coordinate outfits when DJing? Haze: We don’t really; it’s kind of an art that we finessed over the years.

Does sharing an Instagram account ever cause any issues? Haze: No, it doesn’t.

Do you consider it your personal or work account? Simi: Personal. Haze: Personal.

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