Stella Maxwell Got Massaged by Boa Constrictors and Lived to Share It on Instagram

Caution: not for ophidiophobics.


Imagine willingly lying down and allowing snakes to slither all over you. While that’s a nightmare for many, for Stella Maxwell, it was a casual afternoon at the spa. This week, the model and rumored girlfriend of Kristen Stewart went to a spa specifically for snake “massages,” and lived to post about it on Instagram.

“Entwine in Interspecies Love to Remember your Wild Divine Nature Get present, embrace Power and embody Pleasure,” she captioned two photos of her allowing boa constrictors to wrap around her body. “Thank you Serpentessa for the amazing experience.” Maxwell also shared photos and videos of the experience in her Instagram Stories, showing a handful of snakes coiled around her body while she maintained an enviable Zen.

The model seemed to embody everything that the leader of the spa, Serpentessa, promises recipients of the slithery massage; according to Serpentessa’s website, the treatment serves as a relaxing break from the concrete jungle. “Animal connections are vital for people gaining peace within our chaotic society,” it reads. “Your Snake session is private One-on-One time. Learn about them, interact or let them ‘massage’ you into deep sensory bliss! The practical application for Snake Massage is getting in touch with nature and honing your own instincts.”

Incredibly, you have to pay a lot for this experience. Maxwell’s massage could have cost up to $535, since Serpentessa’s most basic package, a one-snake massage for an hour and 15 minutes, is $297. So why pay for something you can re-create in nature, if you’re daring enough? Apparently, the snakes have been trained to interact with humans. “All Snakes smell your fear via our human hormones,” Serpentessa’s website reads. “But your fear does not trigger my commonly known Boas to react because I have entrained them to be comfortable with humans being a part of their known environment. In addition, I provide spacious socialization amongst my Boas, another form of enrichment that dissipates monotony and isolation.”

As for the results, Serpentessa writes, “A Snake Massage is a thrilling dive into deep sensory bliss. How you feel afterward is directly related to your emotions at the start. On the table, the boa constrictors’ soothing undulations dispel any fears or concerns by toning and stimulating your body’s vagus nerve, releasing endorphins and oxytocin. These feel-good hormones relieve stress, create pleasure, and increase your emotional, physical and cognitive resiliencies in today’s stressful world.” Proceed at your own risk.

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