Taylor Swift Donated $113,000 to A LGBTQ Equality Organization in Tennessee

The singer has resuscitated her political streak.


Taylor Swift has been keeping a low profile as of late, keeping details of her relationship with Joe Alwyn private, and has only released tiny snippets of information regarding her forthcoming musical film, Cats.

The musician has also historically remained especially quiet when it comes to politics, and was even chided by fans and critics for not speaking up or stating her political position during the 2016 Presidential Election, despite the general assumption that many of her fans might be aligned with conservatism.But just before the 2018 midterm elections, she broke her silence and used her Instagram platform to call out “fear-based extremism” and announced her support of Phil Bredesen in the senate race, which had enough of an impact on her followers that midterm voting in the state of Tennessee skyrocketed shortly after. Now, she’s continuing with her short political streak by fighting anti-LGBTQ discrimination and. donating $113,000 to the Tennessee Equality Project, a state-wide organization working for equality in Tennessee and LGBTQ support system.

Along with her sizable donation, the musician shared a handwritten note outlining her position on the state legislature, acknowledging her support of the petition of Tennessee faith leaders who are standing up against the “slate of hate” in the laws that work to discriminate against LGBTQ people. “Please convey my heartfelt thanks to them and accept this donation to support the work you and these leaders are doing. I’m so grateful that they’re giving all people a place to worship,” she wrote to Chris Sanders, the executive director of the Tennessee Equality Project.

“Taylor Swift has been a long-time ally to the LGBTQ community. She sees our struggle in Tennessee and continues to add her voice with so many good people, including religious leaders, who are speaking out for love in the face of fear,” Sanders wrote in a post about her donation on Facebook. Swift’s donation will reportedly be used to support the TEP’s educational division that provides state-wide informational programming.

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