Are you ready for Taylor Swift: sexy dancer? As the musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night, Swift performed "...Ready For It?" from her new album Reputation. Forgoing the traditional backing band set-up, Swift's team stripped the studio 8H stage and installed red lights and four backup dancers. And together, they performed the pop single while Swift danced.

Or kinda...strutted.

Now, Swift has never been a trained dancer. In fact, her awkward attempts at dancing at award shows and concerts was one of her most endearing traits back in the day. At her own concerts, for many years, her go-to move was to essentially walk around the stage striking poses. She'd lift an arm or do a kick or twirl, but they were little moments of choreography, not full-on dance moves. There was a lot of pointing. She did her catwalk thing, and it was fine.

Last night though, she branched out with some thrusts and quite a few sways. For the occasion, she donned a cropped sweatshirt with some chainmail detailing and a pair of matching shorts, ditching her preferred heels for some chunky combat boots. All the better for dancing. Also worth noting: a very elaborate, snake-shaped microphone holder, lest your forget she's really into snakes now.

For "Call It What You Want," her second performance of the night, she left behind the dance moves, however, in favor of some classic Swift fodder: just Swift, an acoustic guitar, and some red lipstick. The singer was joined with four backup singers and a violinist, but gave an intimate-feeling performance that may win over even the biggest Swift skeptic.

Unlike Miley Cyrus, who was the musical guest last week and appeared in two additional sketches, Swift left the comedy to host Tiffany Haddish, opting to not show up anywhere besides the music stage.

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