Augustinus Bader on The Body Cream, His New Cult Classic: “Skincare Cannot Stop at the Face”

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When it comes to beauty products, there’s a fine line between hype and substance. Thanks to the eternal quest for beautiful complexion, fleeting fanfare for ingredients as unorthodox as placenta extract and snail mucus is constant. But “The Cream,” by Professor Augustinus Bader, has managed to surpass the hype, settling itself into the beauty cabinets of women across the world. If you don’t know by now, Professor Bader was 30 years into researching skin regeneration for burn victims when he formulated the product. His scientific analysis led him to a revolutionary cream that consumers have touted with loyalty and staying power—Demi Moore, Victoria Beckham, Hailey Bieber, and Dakota Johnson among them. (Diane Kruger is even an equity partner.) And yet, the hordes of celebrities who swear by the Cream make up just a teeny portion of his cult following, which has ballooned enough to make him the most googled name in skincare.

Suffice to say, when Professor Bader launches a new product, it demands attention. So, with the global launch of the Body Cream, a scientifically advanced skincare regimen for the neck down, it’s time to listen up. Here, the professor shares everything you need to know about his latest, plus what skincare principles to stick to this fall.

The Body Cream is finally here. What’s the most effective way to use it and get its benefits? Apply the Body Cream on clean, dry skin. Then concentrate it on particular areas of concern (for example, top of thighs) and massage in circular motions until it’s absorbed. If you use it daily, it should last about six weeks.

Should it be used morning and night? You can use it as often as you like, according to your skin’s needs. If there’s a specific issue you are targeting—ex. dry skin, cellulite, stretch marks), to see the benefits sooner, we recommend twice daily application. Skincare cannot stop at the face. Your entire body is covered in skin—it’s your largest organ—and you have to care for and protect it. The products work very well on their own as the formula acts as a full toolbox, giving the skin cells everything they need to fix things resulting from, for example, aging or pollution. So, I always recommend using on the face and now the body for optimal skin health all over.

What is your opinion on skin exfoliation from the neck down? How many times should one exfoliate while using the new product? Our advice would be to dry brush once a week. Dry brushing exfoliates the skin while supporting circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also enhances the absorption of the Body Cream, leading to a smoother surface of the skin.

How does the Trigger Factor 8 Complex wake up the dormant cells, and what effect does that have? TFC8 contains specific molecules that are naturally occurring in the skin—vitamins, minerals, amino acids. TFC8 is a “communication technology” that helps deliver these essential building blocks of amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients to the cell microenvironment in the right concentrations, at the right location, and at the right moment in time. The complex supports your skin to assume a healthy repair process, rather than a dysfunctional repair process (which occurs more frequently as we age).

Does the skin regeneration last longterm with regular use, or is there a point when it stops? The body’s natural regenerative capacity entirely depends on the individual person. The genetic code in your skin is set. You were born with it, and it is a given, but you can influence it. Aristotle said, “We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently,” and that applies here as well. We have the means to course correct our cells and encourage them to work differently, as needed.

Do you think other brands will tap into the process of cell renewal? How will your product stand out? We have 30 years of research in this blue bottle. There are many good brands, but my knowledge of stem cell technologies and how your stem cells help your body to fix itself sets ours apart. Our creams are smart creams. They work with each individual’s genetic code and cells, meaning they’re naturally personalized to each user. That’s one of the reasons that our creams are so effective.

Are there any other technological innovations in skincare that you’re excited about, or that seem most promising for the future of skincare? Personalized skincare is gaining notable demand in recent years, but current offerings are mostly based on personal consultation and rudimentary genetic testing. I’m excited by the ability to identify a person’s unique skin profile, and tailor products based on the ingredients’ effects on their epigenetic markers. You could call this the next generation in skincare.

What’s a common mistake that women make with daily skin rituals? It’s important to focus on skin health rather than temporary solutions such as fillers or camouflage. You are born with your genetic disposition, but you also have control over what you do to your skin. Our appearance reflects the quality of our whole lifestyle, from emotional health, nutrition, and even the air we breathe. Caring for this living organ, which does so much more than cover the body, is more than just vanity.

What are some special skin precautions women should take into consideration this fall, as colder weather approaches? Cold air, low humidity, and high winds can decrease water content in the skin and impair the production of its natural moisturizing factors. When skin becomes extremely dry, it can cause itching, redness, flaking, and skin thinning, as well as exacerbate skin sensitivity. The skincare has been formulated to protect dry skin at more than just surface hydration; it supports the natural production of essential factors to regulate and replenish the moisture and lipid content, protecting the skin’s delicate ecosystem and promoting optimal skin health. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Diethanolamine (DEA) irritate the skin and make it more likely to react, which is why the creams are SLS- and DEA-free, and fragrance-free, using natural components like Aloe Vera extract to calm inflammation.

How does it feel to have created such an effective product, after investing so much time and research? Everything we create will be backed by science and years of research, so it will be in a class of its own. I’m not surprised that so many people are seeing visible results, but I could not have anticipated how this skincare brand would be received. It’s been very rewarding to see how many people have embraced it, and come forward to say the products have helped their skin. It’s been quite extraordinary.

You’ve received so much praise, including from celebrities, the media, and beauty experts. What’s been your proudest moment? Again, it’s been very rewarding to see how many people have been helped by the creams. I am first and foremost a physician, professor and research scientist. I had never considered launching a consumer skincare brand. Hearing that celebrities and other famous people love Augustinus Bader was nothing I had ever expected. The word of mouth recommending the creams to friends by satisfied users has been the best response, and makes us proud.

What’s the next step for you in skincare innovation, after the Body Cream? We’re developing new variations, formulations, and textures of products based on our concepts of skin health, protection, and care by physiologic means. In the future, we want to fine-tune our products to make them even more responsive to individual needs from a skin protection and care point of view.

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