When it comes to celebrities you'd expect to fill their Instagram accounts with all manner of fireworks, apple pie, and general red white and blue to celebrate Fourth of July weekend, the notably all-American designer Tommy Hilfiger is probably right up there. This year, though, Hilfiger had his mind on Georgia—the country, not the state. Over the holiday weekend, the designer excitedly posted on Instagram that he's teaming up with the Georgian, Zurich-based label Vetements—something he announced with an image of a red Hilfiger and Vetements logo-stamped hoodie that'll no doubt soon find its way onto the backs of Celine Dion and Whoopi Goldberg.

But Hilfiger and Vetements head designer Demna Gvasalia have much more in the works than sweatshirts. As it turns out, this fall, they're teaming up on a unisex collection including everything from beanies to t-shirts to socks, as well as no shortage of logos. (Gvasalia, who once stamped the luxury conglomerate Kering's logo on designs for Balenciaga, took care to give prime real estate to Hilfiger on the front of the pair's t-shirts, instead stamping Vetements's on the back.)

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As usual with the Zurich-based brand, though, it's Demna's brother, Vetements chief executive Guram Gvasalia, who seems to have taken care of most of those business aspects. Indeed, it was Guram whom Hilfiger first met "about six to nine months ago," as he told WWD, and Guram who then called up Hilfiger four months later to suggest the idea of a collaboration. Hilfiger was immediately on board: "I was very excited. What they’ve done is quite genius. They have their own rule book. They do what they want and do it when and how they want," the designer added.

Hilfiger is definitely right on that count. According to Demna, as of last month, Vetements, which got its start with renegade runways everywhere from a sex club to a church to a restaurant, is now officially done with traditional fashion shows—as well as subcultures, the city of Paris, and Eastern Europe at large. (The designer was even so bold to turn the logo of Balenciaga, where he's creative director, into his coming-out as a Bernie bro.)

None of that really matters, though, given that the thing Vetements excels at most is collaborations: This time last year, it took over Galeries Lafayette in Paris to show a collection made up entirely of collabs with 17 other brands, including everything from Dr. Martens to Reebok to Eastpak to Levi's to Juicy Couture.

Hilfiger, for his part, usually sticks to teaming up with megawatt names like Gigi Hadid. But so far, he seems to be getting along swimmingly with Gvasalia—and definitely when it comes to price. In case you're wondering how much the hoodie that Goldberg will no doubt soon be repping goes for, it's $1,100—in other words, the same as Gvasalia's take on a paper shopping bag for Balenciaga.

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