Jennifer Lopez/Vevo

If you thought that Jennifer Lopez’s now-iconic 2000 Versace Grammys look was tropical and revealing, the 47-year-old superstar just took leafy-green sex appeal one step further by going nearly nude in her latest music video for her single "Ni Tú Ni Yo"—except for a few strategically placed leaves.

Directed by Emil Nava, and shot in Islamorada, Florida, Lopez’s other looks include thigh-high boots and a bustier made of rope, a long printed caftan with slits up both legs, and an equally daring yellow gown from Michael Costello that blows behind her in the ocean breeze. Another featured dress is the very same Fausto Puglisi gown with waist-high front slits that she wore for her NBC performance of the song—and that Kendall Jenner once wore on a red carpet.

Ex-husband Marc Anthony is also featured in Lopez's daring new video, the epitome of ex-couple goals. In the video, Anthony introduces Lopez to photographer Khotan Fernández, who stages epic photo shoots of the singer, as he slowly falls in love with her.

How could you not, though, with outfits like these and a glow like hers? Before you even question how much of the video is editing (or well-constructed leafage) and how much is Jenny au naturel, just hear her personal trainer out.

Watch the video, below.

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