Former model and Real Housewives alum Yolanda Hadid revealed the first look at her upcoming modeling competition show for Lifetime on Tuesday and, just like you would expect from someone who's turned their kitchen into a shrine of their daughters's magazine covers, the first minute of it is devoted to listing the many, many achievements and accolades of her dear children Gigi and Bella. (Just in case you somehow didn't know they're supermodels.)

Anyway, with her momager credentials established and out of the way—though she, or at least the trailer editors, seems to have forgotten them when it comes to her son Anwar, who's also a model—the first trailer for Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid, an eight-episode series that'll premiere on Lifetime on January 11, give insight into the "intensive training program focused on the physical, mental, and emotional strength needed to create a successful brand as a model," as Entertainment Weekly very seriously puts it in the very serious show's preview, where Hadid introduces us to the five aspiring models she hand-picked from thousands to undergo her eight-week training program. (She even allows her daughters to not quite so convincingly speak for themselves—a sample quote from Bella, who's comfortably stretched out on the floor in front of a couch-full of aspiring models: "I'm just like you guys. I started out the same way.")

But, just like America's Next Top Model, the show looks like it'll be far from just fun and games. It turns out the five girls who star will not only be all living under the same roof, but also doing so with their mothers, whom Hadid will also school on becoming momagers—a move that fully allows her Tyra Banks side to shine through. "Moms, use this time to guide your daughters, and then learn to let them fly on their own," Hadid says with upward hand gestures to the crowd on the couch as she sits on the floor just like Bella, barefoot but with her pink furry Gucci slippers in arm's reach.

Gigi might cheer on the girls at photo shoots, and her biggest admirer, Tommy Hilfiger, might also send them some love, but inevitably, and thanks largely to Hadid, the drama starts to build further up and up: As the girls reveal inadequacies in tasks like jumping in a timely fashion and shouldering a giant surfboard while looking like a carefree beach babe, Hadid grows increasingly frustrated, looking straight into one model's eyes while in a boxing ring and saying, "I need to see the tiger in you," and brushing off the pain of another model who's in tears as she descends from a rope that was suspending her in midair as "part of the job."

Spoiler alert: There are many more tears where those came from, including from the moms, who end up feeling like they're "in the judgment seat as much as the girls are." The camera even turns to a black-and-white stormy New York sky as one mom states the obvious: "We're not in a normal situation." Still, they soldier on through what at one point looks like a horror show for their daughters's sakes, who have a chance to win a contract with Hadid and the opportunity to sign with IMG—that is, if they have the stamina to make it past the former. "I'm the most protective mama bear you're ever gonna cross," Hadid at one point asserts to her victims, in a statement that probably should have been fact checked by Kris Jenner.

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