Ariana Grande Cut Her Hair Into A Short Straight Bob

Is this the end of her iconic high ponytail?

Ariana Grande Short Hair Bob
Photo: Taylor Hill/WireImage.

There are some constants in life that are crucial underpinnings of our reality (or simulation, if you prefer). The sky is blue, every dog is good, and Ariana Grande wears her hair in a waist-long, sky-high ponytail. She’s been donning the style since 2014, after damaging her hair during her role on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat; Grande bleached and dyed her hair red for the show, and her follicles eventually revolted. And while she’s occasionally let her hair down, to the shock and awe of her fans, it was only a temporary look — until now.

On Instagram, Grande shared a now-deleted video of her new hair transformation. No, this is not a glitch in the Matrix: she’s sporting a summer-length lob haircut, with a straight texture and very 60s style blunt flipped ends, as befitting her Fembot style. She’s also wearing a round orange-pink furry hat (it's fast becoming one of this summer’s go-to accessories). As for her beauty, Grande kept it daytime chic with winged eyeliner, straight eyebrows, and a nude pink lip, letting her new hair do all the talking. A fan archived Grande’s video below.

This isn’t the first time Grande has lopped off several inches of hair, but it looks to be a more permanent style. Celeb hairstylist Chris Appleton, who has also worked with Kim Kardashian, explained to Pop Sugar that Grande’s signature ponytail allows her to “show her personality,” because the height of the tail can change her face shape or overall aesthetic from perk to glam to relaxed. While her new lob is still long enough for a ponytail, it remains to be seen if that stage of her hair journey has reached its conclusion. If so, the Earth’s axis can still be kept in place with Rihanna’s weed vice.