The Best Beauty Launches of June

A model wearing a bright yellow eyeliner makeup look.
Photograph by Casper Sejersen for W. Styled by Emma Wyman. Makeup by Lynsey Alexander.

With such an enormous range of beauty and skincare products (celeb-backed or otherwise) released each month, how can you discern whether the latest moisturizer, mascara, or lipstick is actually worth purchasing? That’s where we come in. W will publish a monthly roundup of the best beauty products that launched recently—genuine game-changers you should consider purchasing. Whether you’re a skincare connoisseur, an avid makeup collector (slash borderline hoarder) or you’re simply browsing for something fresh to add to your beauty regimen, these are our favorite new products we’d recommend incorporating into your repertoire.

It’s not a passing trend—your scalp needs microbiome balance to thrive. Unless you’re super granola with your haircare practices, you’re likely exposing the scalp to constant exposure to chemical dyes, bleach, straightening products, as well as excessive heat from the blow dryer, thus setting off the healthy microbiome. Nutrafol’s latest product line launch tackles this issue with science-backed research that includes a three-step scalp care system. This is one of the most thoroughly advanced scalp care products on the market. It includes a Build-Up Blocker which consists of an exfoliating mask (to be used 1-2 times a week) to remove and detoxify all of the excess with which we bombard our hair. The Root Purifier is a sulfate-free daily cleansing shampoo with prebiotics and nourishing vegan protein. The Root Purifier aims to create a PH-balanced environment for your strands. The final treatment is the Stress Reliever, a microbiome rebalancer to use every day. This third emulsion uses not only collagen boosters in its formulation, but also soothing botanicals with pre- and post-biotics to calm your scalp and treat any dryness or sensitivity.

A new complexion-saving product from Chanel that delivers flawless coverage. Gel microdroplets work to add radiance and cover spots while delivering ample hydration for twelve hours. The new launch comes with a brush for perfected application in 16 flattering skin tones.

Natura Bissé has been touting the powers of vitamin C for decades, even before the trend took precedence—so it’s no wonder the brand’s newest vitamin C solution is one of the absolute best on the market. This ultra-hydrating, satin-feeling product brightens the skin; but more importantly, it provides much-needed hydration while the skin restores itself. Natura Bissé crafted a potent 20 percent cocktail that includes a shelf-stable 12 percent vitamin C to promote cell turnover with each application.

This product from Tata Harper works superbly; your body will be noticeably softer to the touch after just one use. Utilizing her unrivaled plant actives and vitamins, Harper’s new body serum sets out to give you smooth skin all over. Infused with vitamins C and A, the high-grade clean and plant-based ingredients glide on softly, smoothing out even the roughest areas for supple hydration all summer long.

Plant retinols that deliver beautiful, supple skin. The new and innovative cream duo from Clarins promises visible and transformative effects for your skin with regular use. The hero ingredient in this phytonutrient blend is organic harungana extract, which works just as effectively as retinol but is far more gentle on the skin. Both day and night creams also utilize the benefits of gorse extract, which lifts the skin to its most natural supple state while firming and replenishing.

The last thing you want to feel this summer are the weighty layers of moisturizer and sunscreen sitting on top of your skin. Bader’s newest product is truly sublime for those who are madly in love the label’s product line but still crave something on the lighter side. The composition is still as powerful as ever, minimizing fine lines and beautifully evening out the skin’s texture with the help of two of nature’s most effective products: rice bran oil and boabob leaf extract.

It looks red on the tube, but when applied, Armani’s latest release is a lovely bold, hot pink-red. With blue undertones, the color is happy in spirit and perfectly tasteful for daytime and evening wear. This should be worn with minimal eye makeup in day or evening to give the color its due attention.

When you’re ready for retinol but still need something gentle, the ingredients in this treatment are exceptional. Rei is Monastery’s newest launch, which uses three standout, visibly effective ingredients. First, the microencapsulated retinol formulation works to boost your collagen, minimizing lines around the mouth and forehead. The second hero ingredient is reishi, the soothing ultra-healing herb that helps keep skin firm and reduces puffiness while the retinol does its work. Lastly, a fungi-derived beta glucan composite acts as a robust humectant, retaining your skin’s optimal moisture levels.

An intelligently devised, fast-absorbing skin treatment geared toward those with very sensitive skin who will be feeling its effects this summer. Darphin’s latest serum works to correct sensitivity that often leads to dermal breakdown of elastin and collagen. Implementing the brand’s specialized BioC6 complex, the formulation helps inhibit the response that sensitive skin can often experience to skin resurfacing products. The serum also contains an advanced Resveratrol PRO complex that soothes and repairs skin.

Created to address the heavy oils and metals that build up on hair, Olaplex has released a purifying shampoo that removes impurities without stripping or drying—maximizing the benefits that follow with your usual hair repair routine. Their newest shampoo should be used weekly and left on the hair for at five minutes to fully activate. It’s also sustainably packaged, non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, and free of parabens, phthalates, and phosphates.

The latest beauty launch from Victoria Beckham is a pearlescent highlighter stick boasting a glass-like glow upon application. The stick goes on bare skin just as beautifully as it does over foundation, utilizing VBB’s unique AirCore Pearl Technology. This means the product uses hollow micro-pearls to catch and reflect light from every angle—hence the “glass-like” glow. There’s also an infusion of strawberry seed oil and shea butter to hydrate.

It’s time to change up your blush—and these two combinations are precisely the color notes you’ll want on your complexion this summer. Not only do lavender and rose work with all skin tones, the two colors complement summer wardrobe colors as well. The tones are cool and look divine when applied.

On first glance, you might think this color would be too bold on the lips and cheek, but it actually gives a delightful sheer red that is substantial but still on the delicate side. The key for the cheek application is to blend it thoroughly, as a little goes a long way. The ten percent shea butter formulation feels utterly hydrating and smooth on the lips.

Just gorgeous. This is a lovely scent capturing the whimsical, carefree, and seductive scents of summer. White florals are paired with just the right hints of coconut water and top notes of strawberry and cranberry. It’s unique, feminine, and very pleasing to the senses.

In addition to being the wonder antioxidant of the last two decades, turmeric extract serves a beautiful skin brightener. Miranda Kerr’s newest product from her Kora Organics line features a new PH-balanced cleanser to remove eye and face makeup in one. The composition boasts a certified organic and cruelty-free composition that is also sustainably packaged—so not only are you removing your makeup in a clean fashion, but you’re also creating less of a carbon footprint.

This super chic milky green is Chanel’s newest color and pairs gorgeously on all skin tones. It’s also cheerful enough without verging on saccharine.

Dior’s 98 percent natural derived gentle makeup remover takes off all traces of eye and lip makeup, leaving no traces of residue in its wake. The soothing combination of healing jojoba oil, cornflower flower water, and cleansing lily water extract keep your eye and lip areas hydrated and clean.

Purity at its best, this body oil is unique in that it’s the first of its kind: a post-biomic fermented body oil. The formulation includes six simple ingredients, five of which are high-grade prized Amazonian ingredients. The oils are all naturally fermented, which enriches the nutrients and their bioavailability factors.

An FDA-backed, pimple-clearing device that fits in the palm of your hand, this tiny but powerful face tool will treat any blemish by killing surface bacteria in under three minutes. Beloved by aesthetician Ivan Pol, Bye Acne uses both blue and red light therapy to spot-treat blemishes at all stages of development. Bye Acne works to clear active pimples, prevent future breakouts, and calm redness and inflammation from acne-causing bacteria.

Frizz Smacker is for anyone who blows out and tortures their hair during the humid summer months. This product tames flyaway baby hairs and damaged ends that stick up, and there’s absolutely no greasy residue or stiffness. As an added bonus, the serum uses natural moisturizing ingredients such as watermelon extract, avocado oil, and jojoba oil to keep your hair healthy, even after you’ve nearly burned it off by styling it to perfection.

Is this tool chic? Is it sexy? Has it been designed with cutting edge technology by some super-advanced tech lab in Switzerland? No, no, and obviously not. But we would be remiss not to remind you to that a pedicure alone is not a cure-all for soft, beautiful feet this summer. Just like any other time of year, your feet cannot have dead skin lingering, and they need to look hydrated, soft, and sexy—especially when they’re on display more than ever. This a reasonably priced, easy-to-use tool for use at night before bed.

You would never think you need a gray shadow this time of year, but MOB’s latest looks pretty righteous paired with a simple brown eyeliner. This also works for every eye color because, although it’s on the cooler side, it appears as a complementary neutral. The formulation is 100 percent clean, sustainable, and vegan.

Milk thistle is a powerful natural remedy for detoxifying the liver, but also for helping improve your skin’s appearance. (A toxic liver can often affect skin issues like pigmentation and melasma.) This powder is more than just a wellness drink to take the day after a hangover. Face the Day’s ingredients help the skin in many instances. In addition to the milk thistle component, prickly pear helps minimize inflammation, while the cranberries in the powder are high in antioxidants and free radical repair.