Billie Eilish's New Hair Transformation Is Both Subtle And Extreme

Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Billie Eilish’s delicate, breathy voice stands in stark contrast to her colorful style. She loves oversized pieces, covered with psychedelic cartoon prints, Gucci logos, and neon. Lots of neon. It’s almost difficult to imagine the young singer without her black hair and Day-Glo green roots — Eilish has worn these hair colors since 2019 — and while she’s also sported shades of blue and gray, the two-toned look has been her signature. Until now! Eilish has just debuted a new hair color, just as she said she would, and it is somehow more extreme and understated at the same time.

Eilish has platinum blonde hair now. Not just a section of her hair, or just the roots, it is all platinum blonde with a straw-colored tinge. She first teased the hair transformation on her Instagram Stories, cheekily asking her fans to “guess what color” she was going to color her fashion mullet haircut. Eilish showed off the full reveal in a quick video; she appears to be on a set, and waves her new hair around. In another photo, she wrote “pinch me,” giving fans a clearer look at her blonde hair, which she paired with minimal complexion makeup and gentle shimmery eyeliner. Her eyebrows are still their natural brunette color.

Going from black hair to platinum blonde is not easy. While many of us experimented with Manic Panic in our teens (to questionable degrees of success) this project should only be undertaken by a professional. Take it from us: at 15, this writer attempted a DIY bleaching from dark brown to blonde and ended up with damaged orange-yellow hair that required 6 hours at a salon to correct. Eilish likely had an expert colorist to safely lighten and tone her hair, as well as apply a bond rebuilding compound like the Olaplex system. Don’t try this at home, folks.