All the Celebrity Babies Born in 2022

Ashley Graham pregnant belly

As we enter a third year of the pandemic, with another strain raging and keeping everyone at home, people around the world are once again picking up new quarantine hobbies. Baking bread was so round one, and taking walks every day can get pretty repetitive, but there’s one more exciting activity that you can do from the safety of your own home, or more specifically, bedroom. Whether it’s due to the increased at-home time or not, the past few years has seemingly seen a spike is celeb pregnancies. Suddenly, every famous couple, left and right, is procreating, and we don’t want to miss one birth. So, we’re keeping track of all the babies born in 2022. Check back in this space to stay up to date on the latest bundles of joy.

Ashley Graham and Justin Ervine

The model and her director husband welcomed two baby boys on January 7th. Graham shared the news on her Instagram story, where she revealed she gave birth at home. Graham and Irvine already share one son, 23-month-old Isaac Menelik Giovanni, together, so the twins up their household count to five.

Michelle Kwan

Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan started her year in a big way, with the birth of her first child, baby girl Kalista Belle Kwan, after keeping the pregnancy a secret.

Kwan posted the news on January 5th, writing, “I’ve always wanted to be a mom and, to me, she’s a perfect miracle.” She revealed that she considered telling the public about her pregnancy, but it never felt right. “I’ve wanted to share this happy news for many months but each milestone seemed to be exciting and daunting at the same time,” she said. “Each step of the way, I knew that there was still more time needed until I could hold her in my arms.” Now that Kalista is born, though, the skater was happy to catch her fans up, sharing a video of her belly growing over the last nine months along with the announcement.