All The Details We Know About Paris Hilton's Lavish Wedding

Paris Hilton’s wedding to Carter Reum will include wardrobe changes, because of course it will.

Paris Hilton Wedding Details Carter Reum
Photo: Cole Bennetts/Getty Images for Paris Hilton.

Get ready for the next royal wedding, and no, we don’t mean any of the British monarchs. America’s own princess of partying, Paris Hilton, is getting married, and her wedding to fiancé Carter Reum is shaping up to be a production worthy of her name. You think her $65,000 crystal-studded pink Birkin bag is extra? Wait until you hear about the details of her wedding festival, which will include various wardrobe changes and a TV special of her “fairytale ending.”

Hilton spilled the beans during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she revealed that she’s already said yes to a dress — nearly a dozen of them, to be precise. “Lots of dresses,” said Hilton. “Probably 10. I love outfit changes.” Fallon was incredulous and asked if Reum will also have a variety of looks at the ready, Hilton affectionately said that he’s “not as high-maintenance as I am,” indicating that he’ll be content to leave the wardrobe department to the bride.

And speaking of being a bride, Hilton declares that she is not a bridezilla. Fans of her new Netflix cooking show, Cooking With Paris, can attest to how she keeps her Aquarius cool in stressful situations. Hilton just knows what she wants, and as a DJ, business mogul, and professional party thrower, she has the experience to curate her three-day wedding. Yes, the wedding will be a multi-day affair, with a band and DJ, as she (smartly) explained that she won’t be manning the decks at her own reception. Never mix business and pleasure.

As the most important bride of our generation, Hilton knows that we care very much about her wedding. This is not us being facetious, we really do want to see her myriad of gowns, over-the-top setting, and design production, and — if her cooking is any indication — food covered in edible glitter. Thus, Hilton is documenting the event for a special on Peacock, and it will serve as a bookend to her documentary, This Is Paris. In the documentary, she got into in argument with then-boyfriend Aleks Novakovic, they later split up. “I wanted my fans to see that I found my Prince Charming and my happy fairytale ending.”

Paris, we’re happy for you, but there better be several tiaras involved or we’re canceling our Peacock subscription. You watch her appearance on the Tonight Show below.