The Richie Women Do Their Best Backstage Chic

Nicole and Sofia Richie, Harlow Madden in a photo posted to Instagram.

Nicole and Sofia Richie have served as style icons for their respective generations, and while they aren’t a package deal out in public like other famous sisters, we can always count on them to show up in a big way for family. On Wednesday, Sofia shared a snap on Instagram with her sister Nicole and rarely-seen niece Harlow Madden. And, rather unsurprisingly, the resemblance between the three is uncanny.

Over the weekend, the trio attended patriarch Lionel Richie’s headline concert at the Los Angeles Forum. And before they made their way stage-side to sing along to Lionel’s greatest hits, they posed for a few photos backstage.

In them, Nicole wore a statement leather coat while situated next to Sofia who seemed to take a break from her signature stealth wealth streak to sport a graphic t-shirt and jeans. Harlow went with jeans, too, but added in a pair of Adidas sneakers and a pink Skims bodysuit up top—hopefully she hasn’t heard what her mom and Kim Kardashian used to get up to as pre-teens in the late ‘90s.

Despite their varying styles, the Richie girls all had one thing in common—a signature, slightly wavy ashy blonde hairstyle. And though Sofia has been out and about plenty of late (Nicole, too) publicized joint Richie outings are rather sparse. Back in May, however, Nicole dedicated a Mother’s Day post featuring Sofia and Harlow to her mom Brenda Harvey-Richie (Sofia is actually the daughter of Lionel’s second wife, Diane, but the family is apparently tightly knit).

“Happy Mother's Day to the mother of all mothers,” Richie wrote. “Thank you for making sure out fits were right and tight for all of the 80s.” The 41-year-old continued, “We all love you. Happy Mother’s Day Queen.” The Richie are obiously a tight knit crew


Harlow, 15, is the eldest child of Nicole and Good Charlotte member Joel Madden. Harlow is older sister to 13-year-old Sparrow and both are first cousins to Raddix Madden (Cameron Diaz and Joel’s brother Benji Madden’s three-year-old son).

Unlike many of her scion counterparts (but probably for her own benefit), Harlow has remained relatively out of the public eye and off social media. Her parents though occasionally share photos of the teen, mostly for special occasions like her birthday.

“You light up my life with your presence, & have no problem lighting up my bedroom with your bright phone screen,” Nicole said, in an Instagram post celebrating her daughter’s 13th birthday. “Nothing is better than watching you become the young woman you are. I am so lucky I get to be your mom."