Bella Hadid Says Leg Warmers are Summer Streetwear

Bella Hadid legwarmers

Already this summer (this unnaturally hot summer, we may add), celebrities have tried to convince us to wear knit sweater dress sets, long-sleeve turtleneck jumpsuits, and a whole lot of leather. They’ve been making cases for pieces we would normally shun during these steaming months, keeping them in the back of the closet only to appear when the temperature dropped considerably, and they’ve been pretty convincing. But, before we can officially enter autumn next month, and finally start comfortably wearing these trends celebrities have been serving up recently, Bella Hadid has one more to throw into the mix—leg warmers. The model was just spotted out in Malibu wearing the unique accessory, and while it’s been awhile since we’ve seen these outside of the dance studio, we don’t hate the look.

It still may be too hot to wear leg warmers comfortably (and the fact that Hadid is wearing them with the sun beating down on her in Malibu is just slightly sweat-inducing), but soon these will become the perfect transitional piece to make your favorite mini dresses and skirts fall-appropriate. For example, Hadid paired her white leg warmers with a black and gray striped Chanel spring 2007 ready-to-wear dress with a boat neckline and white cuffs. She added a pair of tiny black shades, some light blue heels, and what has proven to be one of the most timeless accessories for celebs—a Nobu to-go bag.

MEGA/GC Images/Getty Images

Since leg warmers are usually worn with ballet flats, Hadid’s choice of heels is an interesting one. In order to make it work, Hadid pulled the bottom of the sock down to the tip of the heel, creating almost a new take on the “sock boot” trend that was so ubiquitous just a few years ago. As for if leg warmers will catch on over the next few months, it’s questionable, but leave it to Hadid to have us considering wearing something we haven’t touched since fifth grade dance class.