Joey King Wore Two Drastically Different Hairstyles in One Day

Joey King attends the "Bullet Train" Red Carpet Screening
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The ensemble cast of Bullet Train is braving the European heat wave to promote their movie across the continent this week, and while Brad Pitt has been getting many of the style-based headlines thanks to his creamsicle linen suits and Berlin-approved skirts, the youngest member of the action movie’s cast, Joey King, deserves her props as well. The 22-year-old actress has been holding her own on the red carpet—with the help of her stylist, Jared Eng—bringing edgy looks to London, Paris, and Berlin, and constantly keeping us guessing through it all. And just when we thought we had her style figured out (edgy, youthful, with a splash of androgyny), she threw some unexpected pink in there.

These days, when you hear an actress wore pink, it’s easy to assume they grabbed a look from Pierpaolo Piccioli’s ubiquitous fall 2022 collection for Valentino, or any other Barbiecore-approved outfit from the many designers embracing the hot pink hue at the moment. Instead, King made the unexpected choice to incorporate the color in her glam, specifically her hair. The actress arrived at the Berlin premiere of the film on Tuesday night with a pale pink, asymmetrical bob. The hair, styled by Dimitris Giannetos, was clearly the focal point of the look, with her black, ribbed Balenciaga jumpsuit creating the perfect compliment to show off the hair.

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The hairstyle was especially surprising considering earlier that same day, King stepped out for a photocall in a completely different look, a black Paco Rabanne dress with a low-slung skirt, and pussy bow detail. Most importantly, though, the actress’ hair was chest-length and light brown.

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It’s possible she went from that photocall to the stylist chair for a quick makeover, but a day later and King was in London, her hair back to her natural color, pretty much confirming the pink bob was but a wig. Still, it made for quite a moment, and fit into the aesthetic she’s pushing throughout this tour. While all the black could have gotten monotonous, King has continuously mixed things up, with different fabrics and silhouettes. While in Paris, she embraced another current trend: summer leather. The actress attended a photocall in the French city in a leather Materiel suit with a Didu bralette underneath.

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That’s not even mentioning the Thom Browne strapless corset and pleated skirt atop a sheer, white button-up layer she wore to the Paris premiere, or the Kenzo pinstripe trousers she paired with a button down, tie, and platform penny loafers. King’s looks this press tour have been an event on their own. Plus, we still have over two weeks until Bullet Train hits theaters, meaning we may not even be done yet. Next stop, the US perhaps? We’re ready to see what King brings to the States.