Flare Jeans And Cosmopolitans Are Officially Back In, Says Beyoncé

Photo: @beyonce.

Beyoncé’s Instagram account is essentially a magazine of her carefully-staged outfit photoshoots, and every time she drops a new round of editorial looks, she perfects another emerging trend. This time, she’s announcing that flare jeans are back from the aughts abyss, so grab your silver-blue eyeshadow, pour yourself a cosmo, and let Beyoncé school us on this vintage (?) look.

In a series of photos, Beyoncé rocked the throwback silhouette in a pair of classic full-length flares in a dark indigo wash. But there’s aren’t the Mudd flares of 90s middle school nightmares — her jeans feature a sky-high waist, a touch of sheen, and actual pockets. Anyone who wore flares back in their heyday will remember suffering through the decade’s tragic low-rise trend, and pockets were the usual casualty. It was a sad time, we had no place to store our Razr phones.

She also paired the jeans with a white Valentino button-down top with dramatic feathered sleeves. The humble white button-down was a go-to in our aughties wardrobe — they worked with flares and tiny denim skirts that were practically belts; you could even wear them to the club as a going-out top. And no club night was complete without holding (or spilling) a cosmopolitan, the decade’s cocktail of choice. Beyoncé also reminded us of our earliest hangovers with a small pink cosmo-shaped bag by Judith Leiber. The bag, which is an art piece in itself, is covered in rhinestones, also features the drink’s signature white froth and a lime wedge.

Beyoncé also graciously allowed her husband, a rapper and producer named Jay-Z, to join her in the photos. He’s wearing a mirrored tie-dye shirt with slacks and white sneakers. The two jetted off in a plush convertible car, and she dangled her silver Aquazzura platforms over the door like the queen she is.