Cute, Colorful Bags to Carry This Spring

by Christina Holevas

a collage of multicolored purses against a rainbow background
Collage by Ashley Peña

In much of the country, the weather is performing its annual spring tease. It seems that every week or so, we’re given the gift of a beautiful, sunny day and light-jacket temperatures, only to have the weather—and our hopes—snatched away a few days later by a blast of icy wind. This temperamental weather, while frustrating, has not dampened my excitement about spring dressing. While my tights, turtlenecks, and scarves might be staying out of storage for now, my favorite spring pieces are starting to make their way back into rotation. It’s hard to understate the mood-lifting effect of a little wardrobe shift after the cold winter months: Pieces like a colorful jacket, or a pair of boots that aren’t made for snow, can brighten your day. One little adjustment that always signifies spring to me is the switch to a cute, little bag. In the winter, my purse is often used for lugging around all of the cold-weather gear I could ever need, but in the springtime, my load, and my mood, are lighter. When springtime-me meets a friend for drinks in the sunshine, I’m sure to be carrying a bag that’s more for fun than for function. To fuel your own springtime fantasies, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites, from candy-colored purses just big enough for an iPhone to woven styles that’ll have you ready to plan a beach vacation. (After all, summer isn’t that far away either!)

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