All Hail Emma Corrin, the 2022 Met Gala’s “King of the Dudes”

Emma Corrin wearing a top hat at the Met Gala 2022
Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock

It’s par for the course for Met Gala attendees to make historical references on the red carpet. Look no further than Kaia Gerber paying homage to Bianca Jagger’s 1981 look at her first time at the event last year, or Blake Lively embodying the Statue of Liberty at the 2022 edition on Monday night. Elsewhere on the red carpet, Emma Corrin dug deep into the history books. For their first-ever Met Gala, the 26-year-old British actor chose to shine a light on an influential U.S. figure most Americans have likely never heard of: the so-called King of the Dudes. Born Evander Berry Wall, the New York City socialite was renowned for his sartorial extravagance—and then some—in the 1880s. If Corrin is to be believed, he was known to occasionally change outfits no less than 40 times between breakfast and dinner.

Of his dozens of looks, there was one that caught Corrin and her stylist Harry Lambert’s eye in particular. “There’s an iconic picture of him in this massive coat, and that’s what we went for,” they said. Fans of Corrin’s won’t be surprised to learn that the ensemble came courtesy of Miu Miu, the first label to nab the actor as a brand ambassador since they broke out with their critically acclaimed portrayal of Princess Diana in The Crown season 4. In addition to an oversized plaid coat—the inside of which was embroidered with Wall’s moniker—Corrin wore a towering black top hat that matched their vest and skirt, as well as a pair of ivory tights and pointed patent leather boots. We’re guessing the King would be proud—though only if Corrin changes into at least one look for the afterparties.

Corrin—who will next star opposite Harry Styles in the upcoming film My Policeman—has made a name for themselves with their irreverent style. Their debut Met Gala look definitely falls under that category, as does the one below. Whereas most attendees post glimpses of themselves in the hair and makeup chair while getting ready for the big event, Corrin opted to share a look at themselves chowing down on a bagel in an open gingham shirt and jeans.

Courtesy of @emmalouisecorrin