Hailey Bieber Proves Sheer Pants Can Actually Be Very Versatile

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber enjoy a dinner date on Memorial Day at Nobu in Malibu, Ca

Variations of the naked dress have been around for years, worn by everyone from Kylie Jenner to Rihanna (and the trend was even recently revived by none other than Beyoncé, who had a hand in starting it back in 2015). Now, though, Hailey Bieber is making a case for naked pants, and she’s enlisting Coperni for some help. The model just stepped out in a pair of completely sheer trousers for a date with her husband, Justin Bieber, but she managed to style them in a way that read as less scandalous and more chic.

While the whole ensemble made for the perfect date night look, the pants were, of course, the star of the outfit—a pair of sheer, bootcut trousers with slits at the bottom, in a silver damask-like pattern from Coperni spring/summer 2022. Bieber opted to wear white underneath the pants so as to avoid a mishap of any kind. It was that decision, as well as the black leather biker jacket placed on top of the look that made the ensemble less of a slip waiting to happen and more of a fun play on juxtaposing materials.

Underneath the jacket, Bieber seemed to wear a simple white crop top. She kept the accessories pretty uncomplicated as well, carrying a black leather bag, and finishing things off with some black strappy sandals from LA-based shoe brand Femme.

Considering the “white between Memorial and Labor Day” rule is a thing of the past at this point, it’s possible Bieber is making a case for a new standard. If you can wear white all year round, it’s sheer that should be reserved for the summer months. Always one to break style rules, though, last year, Rihanna pulled out a pair of her own see-through pants for her mom’s birthday in April. Clearly, then, sheer pants can make for a year-round piece, at least if you live in LA.

Peter White/Getty Images