Harry Styles Confirms It’s Tiny Shorts Summer for the Lads

Photo by MWE/GC Image

Yes, Harry Styles is filming his 1950s-set film My Policeman, but the lad’s trendsetting powers have a way of shifting time and space. While the outfit he wore for a day of beach shooting with costar Emma Corrin was meant to be period-appropriate, it will likely only hasten an emerging truth in the world of men’s style: it’s gonna be a tiny shorts summer for the boys. So come on guys, do those lunges, up those inseams, and accept the oncoming onslaught of teeny little shorts.

Styles, of course, is not exactly a stranger to tiny, little shorts. He set the internet into a tizzy when he wore thigh-baring jorts for Gucci last year. Even when he hits the beach off-set, he seems to have a penchant for swimsuits with a shorter inseam (most notably: a trusty pair of yellow trunks). Sure, his “beachwear for a period movie” outfit isn’t quite as, uh, daring as Matt Damon’s infamous neon green number for The Talented Mr. Ripley, but that also means it’s more likely to actually influence real-world style.

The fact that his My Policeman outfit also includes a sweater vest, an emerging Gen-Z trend, and a classic pair of clean, white plimsolls only makes the case stronger that his outfit could be described as just as stylish today.

Harry Styles in Tiny Shorts with Emma Corrin.

There have been signs of a tiny shorts summer approaching for a while, but things really kicked into high gear when This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia was caught leaving the gym in shorts so small they came up right to the edge of where they could stop being called shorts.

For those wanting to catch the vibe, but are afraid to go a little too short (or a little too tight) a pair of shorter men's shorts from Nike has already basically been declared the official shorts of the summer by Twitter and TikTok.

Besides, after being stuck inside for so long, the boys are probably going to need to maximize their vitamin D intake.