Jessica Biel Is Brave Enough To Wear White Pooling Pants To Candy Premiere

Jessica Biel wearing a white tshirt
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When Jessica Biel stepped out at the red carpet for the premiere of her new Hulu show, Candy, one word immediately came to mind: brave. No, not because she wore white pre-Memorial Day, but because one wrong step and the ends of her pristine pants would have ended up with a brown ombre effect she didn’t anticipate. Of course, Biel was likely chauffeured to her event and let out right at the theater for a stroll down the clear carpet, though there was always the Jack Harlow option if a puddle did happen to emerge on her path (which is to say, literally being carried over one as the rapper recently was).

It’s not just that Biel’s pants were white, it’s that they were so large, they dragged on the ground, sure to pick up any debris or spill she came across. Luckily, the actress seemed to go unscathed and appeared on the red carpet looking bright and clean. The anxiety-inducing pants are courtesy of Giambattista Valli spring/summer 2022 show, with a high waist, oversize fit, and distressed hem. Biel and her stylists, Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi, kept the casual vibe going, pairing the pants with a cropped Hanes tank top. They then accessorized the look with white and gold accessories—Stuart Weitzman platform heels, a Tyler Ellis Clutch, and a cluster of FoundRae necklaces.

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Biel’s risk isn’t too shocking when compared to the one Rihanna took in a similar style of pants when announcing her pregnancy earlier this year. For the big moment, the singer and boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, staged a photoshoot in his hometown of Harlem, where she showed off her pregnancy style for the first time in a vintage Chanel jacket and oversized, ripped jeans. Like Biel, Rihanna’s pants dragged on the ground, but the difference is that Rihanna was walking through snowy city streets, so there’s almost no way she made it out of there without at least an inch of muck on the hem of her jeans.

It’s clear now that pooling pants are a growing trend, with Julia Fox and Alexa Demie both seen in similar dragging styles over the past few months since Rihanna gave them her stamp of approval. Of course, if you’re going to wear them, a controlled setting like a TV premiere is the preferred spot, but if you’re really willing to throw caution to the wind, throw them on for a stroll around the neighborhood, see what you pick up along the way.

Biel with her husband, Justin Timberlake, at the premiere of Candy.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images
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