Julia Fox’s Latest Little Black Dress is Anything But Basic

Julia Fox in a black dress

Just because Julia Fox isn’t garnering the same headlines she was a few months ago, doesn’t mean she’s done doing her thing. For the past few weeks, Fox has continued Foxing about, wearing every garment made out of leather and denim imaginable, starring in a Supreme campaign, and continuing to be grade-A TikTok meme fodder. It was her latest look, though, that grabbed our attention, considering the actress managed to combine the some of the best parts of Kim Kardashian, Zoë Kravitz’s The Batman press tour outfits, and, of course, Fox, into one outfit.

Fox loves nothing more than walking in her own personal fashion show down the streets of various major cities and on Friday, she shared images of her latest jaunt. In the post, captioned, “drippy,” the podcast host shared photos from Paris, wearing another full leather creation. This time, Fox had on a black leather dress from Giuseppe Di Morabito’s winter 2022 collection, a strapless piece with a uniquely shaped bustier neckline and high slit. Per usual, Fox added more leather to the look with a pair of scrunched black boots, and at one point even covered up in a black leather trench and held her favorite Balenciaga Hourglass bag (also in black leather, of course).

The dress is fairly reminiscent of the Oscar de la Renta one Kravitz wore to The Batman premiere last month (which Fox attended). While not leather, Kravitz’s gown also featured an intricate neckline, though her’s was specifically designed to look like the silhouette of a cat’s head. Kravitz also donned a black leather trench while promoting the movie, so it’s safe to say Fox is probably a fan of Kravitz’s style.

Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic/Getty Images

But that wasn’t the only reference found in Fox’s outfit. The actress also embraced the wet hair look for the evening, tossing her drenched locks around for the camera while posing in the street. Of course, the hairstyle was championed by Kardashian when she showed up to the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards with the similarly wet look. Then, Kardashian really made it her own three years later at the Met Gala when her now-famous Manfred Mugler wet dress was accompanied by some wet hair.

picture alliance/picture alliance/Getty Images

Still, along with all of these references, Fox included a bit of her own signature into her Parisian ensemble—the dark, intense eye makeup for which she has become known. It’s unclear if Fox did it herself this time, as she has been known to do, or if a professional took over, but the result was the same—another sweep of black shadow across both eyes. It’s safe to say that while Fox may reference the looks of other celebrities, or be seen wearing something already worn by another, she will always be uniquely herself, and she will always rock an exaggerated wing.