Actual Proof That Lady Gaga Rewears Her Clothes

Lady Gaga leaves "House Of Gucci" screening
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At one point years ago, getting dubbed an “outfit repeater” was enough to send anyone fashion-minded into a complete tailspin. But now, in the days of overconsumption, fast fashion, and excessive waste, those who find new ways to wear old pieces are applauded and emulated. In the year 2021, the practice has even been adopted by the most stylistically scrutinized in our society: A-listers, those who previously would never be caught dead in the same piece twice. Kate Middleton has reworn dresses, Angelina Jolie has made a trend of passing her old looks down to her daughters for their own red carpet moment and now, we even have proof that Lady Gaga, fashionista extraordinaire, rewears her clothes too.

On Wednesday, Gaga was seen out following a screening of House of Gucci in NYC. The actress looked casual compared to her recent press tour looks, wearing a Steve Nicks 1989 tour tee from Fear of God, a pair of black ripped jeans, and her favorite platform booties while carrying a white alligator Birkin decorated with a pink Hermes scarf. As a whole, the look is new for Gaga, but eagle-eyed fans may pick up on a few specific elements they’ve seen before. Over the years, Gaga has worn a few of these pieces, and a couple of them seem to be some of the singer’s favorites.

James Devaney/GC Images

Let’s start with the tee. We’ve actually seen it many times before, most notably in two social media posts from Gaga herself. In October 2016, the singer shared a picture on Facebook wearing the shirt while getting off a private plane ahead of a promotion cycle for her then-new album, Joanne. “Can't believe how far my Italian immigrant family has come through Ellis Island and now we're here,” she wrote as the caption to the photo. “Ready to promote my album!”

Facebook/Lady Gaga

Three years later, in October 2019, Gaga was once again wearing the shirt in an Instagram post while relaxing in between shows during her Enigma Las Vegas residency. “Post show routine: ice bath for 5-10 min, hot bath for 20, then compression suit packed with ice packs for 20,” she wrote.


Now, the bag we’ve seen more recently. Gaga clearly has taken this Birkin as her travel tote during the House of Gucci press tour, as she was seen carrying it just last week while out in London. In order to spice it up a little, Gaga opted to tie a pink Hermes scarf around the handle while out in New York—a tried and true trick.


Of course, Gaga’s rewearing of her platform boots is less surprising. The singer loves nothing more than those ultra-high, laced booties and she has for years. The pair she wore on Wednesday in New York are from the brand Pleaser, and it seems like that’s where she’s been getting the shoes for a while now. It’s unclear how many pairs of these boots she has, but we know she owns them in white as well as the studded pair she wore to the House of Gucci London premiere earlier this month.

Lady Gaga wearing the Pleaser platform boots in July 2021.

And finally, the jeans. While some may dub skinny jeans to be out of style, Gaga begs to differ. Over the years, she has proven her love for a pair of black, ripped skinny jeans, and while it’s unclear if we have seen her in this exact pair before, we’ve definitely seen her in the style many times.

Lady Gaga wearing black, ripped jeans in August 2016

James Devaney/GC Images

There you have it, with one look, Lady Gaga has put an end to so many style rules: white after Labor Day? Please, no one follows that one anymore anyway. Skinny jeans? Wear them if you want to, what other jeans are going to fit into your mid-calf lace-up platform boots? And rewearing old pieces? Add a scarf, a blazer on top, and no one will know (unless your Lady Gaga of course and there’s photographic evidence of every look you’ve ever worn since 2008). Either way, though, it’s still a good idea.