Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Twin in Big, Big Jeans

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky in big denim pants.
PapCulture / BACKGRID

In case it hasn’t occurred to you that oversized pants are currently “in” for everyone, let Rihanna and A$AP Rocky bring you up to speed. The new parents were spotted strolling through a New York City park this weekend at around 4 AM (the reason for their nighttime walk wasn’t immediately clear, although it’s not exactly unusual behavior for Rih), with the duo casually coordinating in baggy blue jeans. We can only hope their child was snuggled up at home in a coordinating baggy blue onesie as well.

Rihanna wore hers with a blue button-up shirt that might have seemed pedestrian if not for the fact that the bottom half of it was shredded into strips. She kept her footwear casual with a pair of Adidas trainers, though she didn’t hesitate when it came to layering on the gold jewelry. The singer wore multiple rings, chains, and bangles as if she were a walking jewelry editorial.

Rocky wore his baggies with a black tank top layered over a tie-dyed shirt. Instead of gold, he opted for jewelry in shades of silver and black (including a wallet chain and a particularly oversized Cuban link necklace). The statement piece of the ensemble, however, was his multicolored knit hat.

Playing with oversized silhouettes has been particularly popular on the runway and in editorial spaces for the past few years (see: everything Demna has done at Balenciaga, or Hedi Slimane’s bellwether embrace of the style at Celine), but this summer, we’ve seen celebrities particularly gravitating toward oversize pants for their more casual street style looks. Everyone from Jennifer Lawrence and Dakota Johnson to Bella Hadid and Nicole Kidman have been spotted in them (although Diane Keaton was most likely among the earliest to coin the look as her own).

Rihanna and Rocky twinning in style only confirms that the trend is here to stay.