Versace Enlists Celeb Sisters to Promote the New Medusa Mini

Versace mini medusa campaign sisters

It seems Donatella Versace subscribes to the notion that two is always better than one. Why have one Hadid when you can have both? When it came to Versace’s spring/summer 2022 campaign, Donatella tapped both model sisters to lead the way, and now, as the brand promotes the latest iteration of their popular Medusa bag, even more famous sister duos are getting adopted into the Versace family.

Last week, Dua Lipa—who has been a muse of Donatella’s for quite some time and even walked in the Milan Fashion Week show last September—brought her little sister, Rina, into the fold when she shared a photo of the pair, dressed all in Versace, showing off their brightly colored mini Medusa bags. “Sister act,” Dua captioned the post, with Rina similarly labeling her’s, “sisterhood.”

Then, on Monday, the Almánzar sisters joined in. Cardi B shared her own set of photos with her sister, Hennessy Carolina. Like the Lipas, Cardi’s post featured both her and Hennessy in head-to-toe Versace showing off their gold and turquoise Medusas, respectively. While the Lipas kept it fairly simple with their shots, however, Cardi and Hennessy brought a bit of their unique flair to the campaign. In one shot, Cardi is seen sitting on a fur-covered bench in one shot, her tongue sticking out and her leg stuck up in the air.

Donatella has been pushing the sisterhood motif since January, when the campaign for the brand’s spring/summer collection was originally unveiled, starring the fashion industry’s favorite sister duo in the Hadids. Now, as Versace promotes the Mini Medusa, they’re sticking with the theme. It’s possible Donatella is embracing sisterhood so heavily as a tribute to her own, rarely mentioned sister, Tina, who died at the age of 12 just twenty-four hours after contracting tetanus. In the recent campaign, Donatella placed herself between Gigi and Bella, becoming an honorary Hadid in the process (and perfectly fitting in, we might add).

The only questions: which famous set of sisters might pop up with the Mini Medusas next?