The 10 Women We Are Thankful For in 2018

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 5
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Twenty-eighteen: Another year, another 12 months of terrible men and their even worse apologies. This Thanksgiving, let’s not waste our breath on them and instead celebrate the women who have carried us all through the year. These 10 women have all been vital somehow in 2018. Some are perennial powerhouses, some became national heroes, some finally used their stature for good, and others have been laying in wait for us to appreciate them properly. Here, the women we really want to give thanks for today.

Ariana Grande
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From releasing music for the first time since the bombing at her 2017 Manchester concert, to responding artfully to her breakup with Pete Davidson, 2018 saw an Ariana Grande that is as strong and resilient as ever. Thank u, next indeed. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Paola Mendoza

Filmmaker Paola Mendoza spent 2018 serving as the artistic director of The Women’s March, and working with refugees in Tijuana. She has continued to use her platform to speak out against corruption in Washington and advocated for those who need it most. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Stacey Abrams

While she didn’t win her election, Stacey Abrams made history in 2018 by becoming the first black female major-party gubernatorial nominee in the history of the United States. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Taylor Swift

Known for her apolitical reputation, Taylor Swift reinvented herself by speaking out before the November 8th midterm election. She inspired more than 65,000 new voters to register on in a single 24 hour period. Better late than never. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Christine Blasey Ford

Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony in front of the U.S Senate Judiciary Committee was, to many Americans, one of the most courageous acts of the year. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Teddy Geiger
Araya Diaz

Teddy Geiger, known for cowriting hits like “Mercy” with Shawn Mendes, walked the red carpet for the first time since coming out as transgender. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Catherine Cohen
Photo by @catccohen/@withreservation.

Catherine Cohen is one of this year’s most promising rising comedians. She sings with a voice like velvet, and if you haven’t caught a glimpse of her performances and character work at her weekly cabaret show at Club Cumming or listened to her podcast “Seek Treatment” in 2018, then you’re already behind the times.

Teddy Quinlivan

After coming out as transgender in 2017, Teddy Quinlivan has continued to speak out for LGBTQ+ rights, all while becoming a top 50 ranked model and walking for major designers like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and more.

Lady Gaga

2018 saw six time Grammy award winner Lady Gaga enter new territory: the big screen. Unsurprisingly, A Star Is Born killed it at the box office, grossing over 300 million dollars. Gaga also composed original music for the film, and Oscar rumors are buzzing.


Rihanna ordained herself the Pope of Pop music when she dressed in traditional Catholic garb for the 2018 Met Gala on May 7th, 2018. Her fan base is certainly comparable to that of the Church’s and her fashion senses are worth worshipping. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Cate Blanchett

Long time W Magazine favorite, Cate Blanchett, became a guest editor for our 2018 Volume 5 issue which celebrated The Female Gaze. The entire issue was created by women, and saw Cate reinterpreted by nine different female photographers. Cate, it would seem, is infinite.