As we exit one of the most tumultuous Mercury retrogrades, there will be a lot of energy enabling you to try new things and to be brave this month, as your April horoscopes reflects. This is a great month to take a chance—on a project, a person you've had your eye on, or on yourself. The new moon in Aries on April 5 will remind you of your creative ambitions. The full moon in Libra on April 19 is a great time to bring something new into your house. Spring will energize you, as it always does. So will the stars.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,
The Astro Poets


You'll have to make some financial choices this month that will have an impact on what the rest of your year looks like. More than anything else, this has to do with you and your lifestyle. In short, you'll be thinking a lot about money and being conservative when it comes to trips and the summer. You'll also be thinking about your current romantic life and the feeling of being stuck. If you're with someone, this isn’t new for you—you've been thinking it for a while. If you aren't, as the assertive, fire-driven Aries you know yourself to be, you want to change this and find more than a one-night stand. It's not at all like you to wait or be patient when you figure out something in your life isn't the way you'd like it. You may have waited too long, and been stuck too long, to continue in the same vein. So, get free any way you can. Put yourself out there without apology or fear.


With all of the flowers and everything now in full bloom, you'll be feeling romantic this month. There's a person you've had your heart set on for a while. Now is the time to make a commitment. Perhaps you're already in some sort of relationship with them, or are just getting to know them. Whatever the case, you will use the energy of these weeks to push things to the next level so that they're certain of your lifelong intentions. Something to remember is to take your time with this courtship, despite the urgency of your feelings. You love to take things slow but not always when it comes to love, so give into your more measured nature and really pamper your person in a determined and purposeful way. And while you're giving all of this attention away, remember to pamper yourself, too. This April might be a good time to go to a spa or some other place that emphasizes wellness and relaxation. When your career gets moving next month, you'll be glad you set aside this time for self-care.


This month will test your resolve in the workplace. You're a sign of ideas and constant brainstorming. This is truly an asset, as you think more creatively (and also more wildly) than others. If you're starting a new project, or in the middle of one, someone above you will be looking for proof that you can execute it. Don’t let this derail you, as (unlike a Capricorn or Virgo) you hate external pressure. You may have to work more collaboratively with those around you, and we do recommend Earth signs in general for you this month. Keeping them in your orbit will stabilize you, at work and in your personal life. You may be feeling a little lost romantically, even if you're with someone. Remember that spring is always an existential and strange time for you. Survive it. Get to June.


You have been on a mission the past few weeks, and April will give you the opportunity to see some of your dreams come to fruition. All you have worked hard for will have a good outcome, but you should also remember to celebrate your accomplishments. Perhaps plan a getaway trip with your friends and extended family. It's not summertime yet, but the new spring vibes will give you additional energy, and more of the same energy you've used to get where you are. As for love, you will continue to feel fixated on the person you've been obsessing with for the past month. Because of your emotional nature, these feelings can be both good and bad, so be prepared for some tears mid-month. The most important thing to remember is that feeling is a process, and that these long-term emotions will shift by summer. Hang in there!


You're very good at being in a relationship after the initial honeymoon phase wears off. You're loyal and willing to endure a lot. Perhaps you've found yourself there again and are spending the majority of your time and energy with your current partner. Or perhaps your obsessive drive has found you putting in long hours at work, and attending to a creative project on the side. Either way, this month will test your friendships and their place in your life. You're not great at apologies or admitting to anything but the best intentions, but you'll have to get honest with one or more of your friends this April. They'll demand that of you. And they'll also demand more of your time. Take their concerns seriously, and try not to feel hurt or attacked, which is how you're known to respond even to gentle critique. There's a big lesson about value and generosity in there.


You’ve come a long way over the past few months, in terms of changing your life for the better. You've seen the possibilities of the future clearly, and done work on changing your behavior and cutting people from your life who are not positive for you. Remember in the space of new spring not to let old patterns in, especially in moments of exhaustion and weakness. You have so much to give to the world and you don't need people who can only take from you to weigh you down. Toward the end of April, you will see continued career prospects come your way. It's important to follow up on them. While you're known for being prompt, and a hard worker, you may get distracted around this time and could miss some key opportunities. Keep your eye on your goals and this month will be a great one.


This is a great month for an aesthetic shift and changing something in your home décor. As a Libra, you’re always thinking about style and how to seamlessly integrate your surroundings with your personality. Aesthetic harmony is more important to you than other signs. Indulge, as spring truly kicks in, and spend some money on giving yourself this kind of peace. You'll be more motivated to do everything else better if your imagination matches your day-to-day reality. Getting your house or apartment in order will also have you feeling more social. It's just how you work. Love is also in the cards for you—perhaps not immediately, but definitely by summer. Be on the lookout, and more earnest than witty. (Witty's naturally easy for you.)


Industry is a kind of motion that makes sense to you. Pressure-filled work scenarios will dominate your life this month. This is good, as you are focused on your career goals, and your ambition is in overdrive. There will be plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement. Be certain to keep reminding everyone around just how special and key you are to the seamless way things run in your workplace, as people sometimes have a tendency to overlook your contributions because you can be secretive about them. Remember that you don't need to be a loud or toot your own horn, but it's okay to let everyone see what a star you are. At the same time, you will also fall madly in love. Whether it will last past June is entirely up to you.


Last month’s Mercury retrograde hit you hard. It raised doubts about your career path and if other people really see your worth. You do know the answers to these questions, but they're not the right questions to be asking. Reflection is not what you need right now. Focus on action, on making, and on getting up every morning and working toward your goals. You're a sign that’s naturally self-motivated, but naturally self-critical to the point of paralysis too. You're the one who has to make the choice of whether to keep going or to stay in and obsessively reflect over things you can't control. Don't be ashamed of your quiet optimism, even if it isn't completely tied to logic. That's your real gift, Sagittarius. That's exactly why you’ve come this far.


People think of you as the person who loves to work, but work is not the only thing you will want to do this month. After making sure you've worked ahead and left things in order, you will take a step back from the daily grind at your workplace. You will want to use this time to reconvene with nature and your family, and to put your long-term ambitions on the back burner. Perhaps a trip with your loved ones is in order—somewhere where you've always wanted to return to, so you can get back to what you most value: love. Both romantic and familial love are what drive you, and that's certainly what will drive you this April. It's good to give into it. You should also buy some new home furnishings, preferably in a deep yellow hue, which will serve as inspiration.


There are many things you feel uncertain about, and one of them is where to put your energy—into your dream and what you really want to be doing with your life, or into security, and a job or task that may take you away from that dream. Remember that just thinking about this is you not giving up on the life you’re trying to build for yourself. The answers may not be immediate or clear. You'll have to endure this limbo stage and find out how badly you want what you think you do. Your friends will steer you in the right direction, though secretly, you already know what it is. A close friend, in an entirely different field and situation, will give you the best advice. Listen to them and continue to surround yourself with people who understand your often understated character, that cares deeply but needs time to show that.


Health and happiness, on a large and small scale, are key to your contentment this month. You're feeling concerned about many events occurring in the news and have been trying to figure out ways to make sure everyone will be okay. You're also struggling with deep fears that your loved ones are not completely fulfilled, and will be driven to assist them. These noble pursuits are part of what make you so amazing, but this April, in spite of them, try to remember to focus on your career goals as well. This is always a hard lesson for you to learn, but the fuller you are, the fuller everything around you is as well. Make sure you are getting everything you need before you rush to help others, and the lively spring air will blow warmth your way.

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