August Horoscopes: Twitter’s Favorite Astrologers Predict a New Burst of Summer Energy

The Astro Poets share the key to enjoying the rest of the summer heat.

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At the very start of the month we have the new moon in Leo (some will experience it on the last day of July and others on the first of August). Mercury is also finally direct. What this means for your August horoscope is a major cloud lifting, especially when it comes to memory and fear. Although typically the month of nostalgia, August will bring energy that makes room for the new. The full moon in Aquarius on August 15 is a good time to set goals for the fall. Past disappointments will feel further away than usual. Remember to ask for a lot.

Yours in the stars and on Earth, The Astro Poets


You will find yourself thinking a lot about the past during this final full month of summer. You’ll linger over decisions that have brought you to where you are now, both good and bad things. Try to allow yourself this reflective period. While it may feel melancholy, it will prepare you to start with a clean slate in the fall. And you’ll need that as right now things will continue to be fraught at work and with colleagues. Don’t take it personally. Remember that everyone is battling something no one can see. It’s on you to just keep moving.


Work will feature heavily this August, as you will complete many projects that you’ve been close to finishing. The good news is that many of these projects are ones that are close to your heart and do good for the world. They will require you to work with partners you don’t get a chance to communicate with usually, which will further your strong networks. And within those networks lurks something even more exciting: love. A flirtation will begin that may become something more. You may even be willing to sacrifice your current stable situation for it. Nothing like a late summer romance to give you life!


Making a big career move is on your mind. It doesn’t necessarily mean a change, but a risk behind which is an opportunity will entice you. You’re at your best when you’re dynamic and doing as many things as possible. You might have to juggle your way through August, but embrace it. There will be time to rest later. Now is the chance to step toward something you’ve been dreaming about for months. Write down your fears on a piece of paper and burn it during the full moon. There’s no use in doubting yourself this August. Just go for it.


You are a person who always longs for control. Not just control over your own life, but over the lives of everyone around you. Lately, you have felt like your grasp over things within your purview has been slipping. This can bring out other traits in you, like insecurity and even anger. You may have found yourself snapping at those who you love the most. Watch how you are dealing with all of these feelings and channel them into something productive. Maybe there is a work project that can best utilize your frustrations. Good can always come out of misery.


It’s time to focus your energy on your real goals, the ones you rarely talk about in front of others. Yes, this is your season and you should allow yourself to ask for everything you want. Everything for you, whether or not you want to admit it, has had to do with keeping people happy this year. It’s not your job to live anyone’s life but yours. There are trips and projects you’ve put on the back burner while waiting for those close to you to be ready. Don’t wait for anyone, Leo. Put your passions right next to you, in the driver’s seat. August is about taking back control.

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Edward Norton, born August 18. Photograph by Tim Walker for W magazine, February 2015.

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Mila Kunis, born August 14. Photograph by Craig McDean for W Magazine, March 2011.

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You sure do know how to keep yourself busy! Travel and work have been of utmost importance to you lately, especially when it comes to how you organize your days. You’ve also recently found yourself in a complex relationship, and this has taken more time, too. You might be traveling with your partner on some romantic getaways, which will bring you both closer. All of these things have made you feel fuller, but also tired. Be sure to take some time to yourself this month and surround yourself with things you love—like books, plants, and beauty treatments. You deserve it!


There are many plans for love and you are going to make all of them. A deep nostalgia will hit you hard mid-month, right after the full moon. Indulge your romantic side. It’s what you need. The end of summer will have you feeling softer, more receptive than usual. If you’ve had some difficult and vulnerable things to say, say them. You will be rewarded with honesty and genuine communication in return. Make a date with yourself to see some beautiful paintings. They will restore your faith in people. They will make you feel like the world is possible again. And it is.


You are feeling so glamorous lately! Perhaps you’ve decided to change up your style a bit and this has given you a new burst of energy. Lots of flirtatious energy is in your orbit. Or maybe a new love interest has caused you to see just how amazing you are. Whatever the case, you feel invigorated and this is attracting even more things to you. You may get a new job opportunity sometime mid-month. Go after everything new and productive, because they are harbingers for a positive period in your future.


Let the trips you have planned for yourself remind you what you love most. It’s not being comfortable, it’s constantly being on the move. There will be an energy shift toward the end of this month. It will make you feel like you aren’t doing enough and like you want to do more in terms of your career. Love will have to take a back seat. So will a few of your deep friendships. There is a door ahead of you and you must walk through it. It won’t be there for long. There’s an opportunity to truly realize some material goals. It’s all about the material world this August.


Some new learning opportunities this summer have caused you to rethink what the future may hold. Maybe you’ve now realized just how great the future can be, if you consciously make a plan. You are good at this and will use August to start plotting what you want life to look like in the coming years. A love interest may pop up out of nowhere. Will you choose to pursue it? That’s up to you, but you will be tempted. Sometimes temptation can be a good thing, and sometimes temptation leads to the future.


It will be a month of chipping away at what you really want to tell someone who’s very important to you. That person may be transitioning into a new role in your life. Don’t be as cool as you usually tend to be when talking about your feelings. Shoot a straight arrow into the heart of it all. Be direct. The same goes for your projects and dealings at work. You will need to perform a confidence you may not have yet. That’s okay. Lead with clarity, and vision will follow. You’re the sign of new ideas and of breaking rules. Don’t doubt how close you are to the new.


You’ve had some setbacks this past month. Some of it couldn’t be avoided, so try not to be so hard on yourself. As time passes, you will feel better about things, so it’s good to distract yourself and do things that make you feel carefree. In terms of love, you will feel an intense possessive energy from your partner and this will make some difficult realities sting less. Remember that just as much as you can be a support system for others, it’s okay to lean on them too. So many people in your life just want to show you immense love. Let them.

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